USOAP Countries with IASA Category 2 and their ICAO ratings

ICAO’s USOAP 20th anniversary of ACTIVITIES- time to RETHINK?

ICAO’s USOAP 20th anniversary of ACTIVITIES- time to RETHINK? Activities v. Actions Audits at a Point in Time v. Continuous Collaboration Duplicative, even contradictory, Audits Single, Consolidated, Consistent, Cooperative In a self-congratulatory press release (see…

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OIG charge from Congress , to study pilot training standards worldwide, is ill-timed, should wait for experts to finish and potentially damaging

As stated in the below February 10, 2020 memorandum from the Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General (OIG) announced a review requested by the Chairmen and the Ranking Members of the House Committee on…

Teaching Pilots “TASKS” is not enough; FlightSafety International’s FlightSmart can do more for Pilots[1]

FlightSafety International adds Artificial Intelligence to its Teaching Simulators FlightSmart uses IBM Watson’s Artificial Intelligence Press Release mentions repeatedly “TASKS” when “competency-based” is recommended   FlightSafety International (FSI) is widely regarded as the PREMIER aviation…