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Airport Services

Airport Noise Mitigation and Safety is our Hallmark

With high-level FAA, TSA and industry experience in airport noise mitigation, operations, safety, security and certification, JDA specializes in helping airports and communities near airports address noise issues and helping airports meet both the FAA safety and certification requirements and the TSA security mandates. On an international level, JDA can assist airports and civil aviation authorities comply with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 14.

Airport Noise Mitigation

We can provide an independent review of your noise management performance and strategy relative to an existing Part 150 Study or noise contours, FAA record of approvals and environmental impact statements.

Our Noise Assessment Process Provides:

  • Establishing current noise impact for the preceding year utilizing flight track data, current fleet mix and runway use. 
  • Evaluating the current noise impacts against the noise contour of record and any predicted noise contours to determine accuracy of predictions and assumptions that led to those predictions.
  • Identifying discrepancies between the predicted and actual noise environments.
  • Providing alternatives to alleviate noise impacts related to discrepancies and opportunities to mitigate noise within already established noise contour limits.

Community Technical Support:  

Airport Noise MitigationIt is critical that communities have technical support to suggest alternatives that are achievable.  When community suggestions lack technical analysis, they will most likely be denied.  Without the technical analysis to validate the recommendation, the FAA and the Airport are left to their own resources to evaluate the alternatives.  In our experience, when a solid technical analysis is provided demonstrating the potential value of the recommendation, the FAA and the airports have been supportive in considering implementation.  The other critical factor requiring technical analysis is determining a fair balance of noise impacts.  Communities share in the benefits of the airport equally and they must also share in the burden of the related aircraft operations noise.  Striking the appropriate noise impact balance should be the goal.  We have developed tools to analyze noise population impacts by overflights < and > 3,000’ AGL and by day-night evrage sound level (DNL) heat maps.  These tools have assisted in facilitating consensus among impacted populations on appropriate runway use goals.  We have found that communities armed with adequate technical information are very willing to concede factors affecting safety and efficiency while seeking reasonable noise mitigation efforts and lessens the negative perception of the Airport and the FAA.

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Airport Safety and Security

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

From the terminal to the runway, an airport is layered with risk, regulatory requirements and responsibility. JDA has airport and SMS experts that can help you create cost-effective solutions to airport safety challenges. JDA is a MITRE qualified SMS Training and Implementation organization and has provided SMS support and training to both US and intentional airport authorities

Airport Safety Risk Assessment (SRA)

JDA uses proven SRA methodologies and qualified SRA facilitators to help its airport clients manage risk. Using FAA requirements and guidelines, JDA helps ensure that airports make sound safety decisions by identifying and examining hazards early and laying the groundwork for effective risk mitigations based on well-documented data. 

Airport Security

Our aviation security experience includes pre and post 9/11, international and domestic regulatory, airport and airline experience. Our team’s diversity provides a balanced perspective to the security environment that will foster mutual respect among the airport community and help build a culture that ensures an optimum security posture.

Airport Audits 

JDA delivers in-depth analysis and recommendations to assist airport operators identify current and potential hazards related to airport operations that are not readily apparent during routine daily inspections. 

Airport Certification Manual

JDA’s expert Airport Safety and Standards staff can help you create or revise your Airport Certification Manual (ACM) so that it conforms to the regulatory requirements of 14 CFR Part 139 and FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5210-22 guidelines.