Civil Aviation Authorities

Pakistan A320

The revelations in the aftermath of the PK8303 crash earn a FAILING GRADE for the three International Audits- TIME for CHANGE???

Pakistan International crash pilot error; pilot training? Pakistan CAA determines that 150 PK pilots have fraudulent licenses PCAA fires 5 senior civil servants involved in licensing ICAO, EASA and FAA all found PCAA meeting standards…

USOAP Countries with IASA Category 2 and their ICAO ratings

ICAO’s USOAP 20th anniversary of ACTIVITIES- time to RETHINK?

ICAO’s USOAP 20th anniversary of ACTIVITIES- time to RETHINK? Activities v. Actions Audits at a Point in Time v. Continuous Collaboration Duplicative, even contradictory, Audits Single, Consolidated, Consistent, Cooperative In a self-congratulatory press release (see…

Collage of Pilots

Coming back from COVID-19, good time to implement Pilot upgraded Competence Standards ?

KNOWN: Commercial Pilots Standards need Upgrade KNOWN: Many pilot health and proficiency checks have been deferred KNOWN : returning pilots should be checked against improved criteria Pilot Testing & Checks: Regulators Ease Certain Requirements “…As…