Second Iteration of thoughts on how to impact the FAA’s SoCal Metroplex ATC Draft Assessment

The project to transform the Southern California basin with its 6 major airports, 3 secondary facilities and 5 minor airfields plus their separate arrivals/departures, TRACON patterns and the overarching en route trails is among the most complex Air Traffic Control environmental exercises ever attempted by the FAA. To prove that point, the Administrator announced the initiation of the project; that’s rare.

Cybersecurity Threat to Aircraft is being addressed by FAA and panel

Recent events, claims of hacking and an April, 2015 GAO report have highlighted the potential risks of an aircraft to cyberattacks. In response to those warnings the FAA convened a “private meeting” to address the security of these systems. Obviously the sensitivity of this issue is the reason for this non-public review (the group may be empowered by a federal advisory charter). What remains to be seen is the technical scope of their work.

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Aviation Safety must be the #1 criterion in deciding on Airport Noise Restrictions

The FAA’s primary jurisdiction is assuring safety in the National Aviation System. Congress also provided it with the power to decide whether certain airport restrictions are lawful. A recent decision involving LAX has drawn criticism,…