Safety Culture

Media’s old story & misunderstanding of the problem may allow FAA Administrator to find a win/win Answer

The press, doing what it does best, has been blaming the FAA for ATC fatigue and accusing the FAA of hiding a “secret” NASA report recommending a solution. The press knew about the NASA report back then and the FAA did not force the controllers to the “rattler” schedule. That said, it might be a good idea for NATCA and the FAA to fully embrace the safest solution at the expense of some three day weekends.

JDA’s Very First Article from 2009! SMS: It’s About Communications And Culture

A positive and dynamic safety culture is a prerequisite for implementing a Safety Management System (SMS). Before any organization (airport, air traffic organization, air carrier, helicopter operators, manufacturer or repair station) can implement an effective SMS, the company needs to have the appropriate safety culture and promotion component (communications) in place.