Is the FAA a “shill” for corporations or is Rep. Lieu’s juicy quote designed to get aired on the Evening News programs back home?

Rep. Liue’s language insinuates that Administrator Huerta and Eduardo Angeles, the FAA Associate Administrator for Airports, are bidding for private concerns. Here are the precise words: “The FAA’s mission is not to be a shill for corporations. I call on the FAA to live up to its mission by rescinding its overreaching order and, instead, work with the city of Santa Monica.”

Does Recent High Profile History suggest that the Federal Air Surgeon should consider a Stand Down to review the program?

It might be time for the Administrator and the Federal Air Surgeon to reconsider the standards, processes and positions on the 3rd Class Medical issues. The recent 0-3 record should merit a Stand Down with the Administrator and the Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety to assess whether these three cases are indicative of broader issues.