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Products and Technology


TC / STC / PMA / TSOA: Before manufacturing a product, an applicant must have a design approval: Type Certificate (TC), Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), amended TC, amended STC as well as a Production Certificate (PC) or other FAA production approval.  Before manufacturing a component or spare part (for sale) the applicant must have a Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) or a Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization. These approvals require concurrent work between the FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) and the FAA Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO).


FAA Order 8110.4C describes the design approval process. It addresses aspects of safety, such as airworthiness (airworthiness certificates), manufacturing (production approval), maintenance, and operations (continued airworthiness) as they relate to design approval (TC). 

JDA has the expertise and experience to support clients with TC, PC, STC, PMA or TSO authorization projects. We have Designated Engineering Representatives (DERS) Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs) and former FAA MIDO staff that can manage and facilitate your project.

We support our clients develop a plan for working with the FAA ACO that considers all requirements using the guidance in The FAA and Industry Guide to Product Certification ( Understanding the principles outlined in the Guide will help the applicant improve the efficiency of the type certification process. JDA assist its clients throughout the entire process.

Products and Technology TC/PC/STC/PMA TSOA/CRADA

Technical Standard Order Authorization (TSOA) and Letter of Design Approvals (LODAs)

FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 21-46A  explains the TSO process , the responsibilities of applicants for TSOAs and LODAs and the requirements of the holders of articles approved with TSOA or LODA  JDA has former FAA ACO staff and experts in the TSOA and LODA process that can help you complete the process.

Parts Manufacturing Approval

FAA Order 8110.42C outlines the procedures for evaluating and issuing a Parts Manufacturer approval (PMA) for replacement and modification parts on type-certificated products. JDA has former FAA ACO and MIDO staff and experts in PMA process that can help you complete the process. 

Technology Transfer and Cooperative Research Development Agreement (CRADA)

The goal of technology transfer and a CRADA is the sharing among federal laboratories, private industry, and academia to include technologies personnel, facilities, methods, expertise, and technical information.  It may entail:

  • Scientific Dissemination – Sharing information with government, industry, or academia.
  • Direct Application – Putting knowledge to work directly in the programs of the FAA or other agencies.
  • Commercial Transfer – Sharing knowledge with other organizations, especially from industry, that can realize the commercial potential of new or improved technologies.
  • Importing Resources – Bringing in outside technology in a cooperative effort to enhance FAA services.

A CRDA enables the collaborative partnership between the FAA and academia, local and state governments, and private entities. CRADA’s provide agencies with a means to offer intellectual property rights and other federal resources that would otherwise not be available to a collaborating partner.

CRDAs must be within the mission of the FAA or other federal agency. A CRDA, which is not an acquisition, procurement, or grant, is designed to be an easier mechanism to implement, requiring less time and effort to initiate than other methods for working with government organizations. CRDAs support the purpose of providing the means for a laboratory/agency to leverage its R&D efforts, and to solve technological and industrial problems for the greater benefit of the aviation sector.

JDA has staff and Associates that have worked and served at the FAA Technical Center and are well versed in the CRADA process and requirements.