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JDA Service

New Applicant and Certificated Repair Stations, US and International

New Applicant Part 145 Repair Stations:

New Applicant and Certificated Repair Stations, US and International: JDA provides assistance and support with the certification process for obtaining a new 14 CFR Part 145 Repair Station Certificate (RSC). JDA supports its clients through all phases of the repair station certificate process including:

New Applicant and Certificated Repair Stations, US and International

Phase 1: Pre-application.

JDA assists with the cover letter introducing the Pre-Application Statement of Intent (PASI) FAA Form 8400-6 for certification through the FAA Safety Assurance System (SAS) External Portal or as directed by the applicable FSDO/IFO/Flight Standards office.

  • We will assist in determining the repair station rating appropriate to the work to be performed by the repair organization. Class Ratings- airframe, power plant, propeller, radio ratings, instrument rating, and accessory ratings. Limited ratings-limited airframe -limited power plant, limited propeller, limited radio, limited instrument and limited accessory.

After the PASI is received, the FAA will initiate the Certification Services Oversight Process (CSOP). JDA will assist with the following Phase 1 requirements:

  • FAA Form 8400-6 PASI
  • FAA Form 8310-3, Application for Repair Station Certificate and/or Rating;
  • Scope Safety Assurance System (SAS) Element Design (ED) Data Collection Tools (DCTs) for Peer Groups F- Part 145 within the US, Peer Group G -Part 145 Outside the U.S. without Aviation Safety Agreement, Peer Group H Part 145 Outside the U.S. with Aviation Safety Agreement
  • Change requests to the certificate; and Manuals.

Phase 1 ends when the FAA accepts the pre-application package and the requirements are met.

Prior to the development of the formal application package (elements) JDA will visit the facility, evaluate the layout and work flow, interview prospective repair station personnel, identify and capture the proposed processes intended to be used and where necessary, recommend procedures to comply with FAA regulations and guidance to enhance the certification project.

Phase 2: Formal Application.

The formal application meeting is scheduled after the FAA receives all submissions required in the Pre-Application Checklist (PAC). JDA assists the client in ensuring the completeness and accuracy of the PAC and the formal application “package” by helping the applicant complete:

  • Updated PASI if changes were made to original PASI
  • Company manuals/programs necessary to conduct daily operations including:
    • Repair Station Manual (RSM),
    • Quality Control Manual (QCM),
    • Training programs, and courseware.
    • These manuals must contain:
      • Information about the applicant’s organization
      • General policies, duties, personnel responsibilities, operational control policy, and procedures and,
      • Include the FAA SAS attributes (responsibility, authority, procedures, controls, process measures, interfaces and safety ownership)
  • Safety Assurance System (SAS) Element Data Collection Tools (ED DCTS).
  • Training compliance letter stating compliance with § 145.53(c) or (d), for hazardous materials (hazmat).
  •  Proof of housing of facility, required by § 145.103.
  • List of contract maintenance functions (refer to § 145.217).
  • Status of drug and alcohol program.
  •  Exemption requests.
  • Application for Repairman Certificate (FAA Form 8610-2) and letter of recommendation (if repairmen are to be employed).
  • Capability list (CL), as applicable (per § 145.215).
  •  Proposed Schedule of Events (SOE).
    • List of proposed Operations Specifications (OpSpecs).
    • FAA Form 8310-3, Application for Repair Station Certificate and/or Rating.
    • Supervisor personnel roster/résumé (per § 145.161).
    • Organizational chart of management personnel (per § 145.51).

Note: For a repair station located outside the territories of the U.S., § 145.51(d)(1) requires that the applicant must show the necessity for a Part 145 Air Agency Certificate and rating(s) (perceived need).

Phase 2 ends when the FAA accepts the formal application package and all requirements are met

Phase 3: Design Assessment (DA).

The FAA evaluates the design of the applicant’s operating systems and manuals to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. The FAA may direct the applicant to complete all ED DCTs or perform a SAS template Custom DCT (C DCT); JDA will assist with this requirement and also revise the manual system following any comments provided by the FAA.

Prior to the Performance Assessment, JDA will provide on-site training for the repair station management and quality control personnel using the repair station procedures manual and quality control system to ensure the applicant can receive an article into the repair station and follow all the steps necessary for return to service. JDA will train and mentor the applicant’s key repair station personnel on the PA process

Phase 4: Performance Assessment (PA).

The FAA uses Performance DCTs to collect data to be to determine if the applicant’s systems are performing as intended and producing the desired results. This phase requires the applicant demonstrate methods and procedures to aid in the assessment of the system design.

Phases 3 and 4 ends when all DAs, PAs, or Custom DCTs have been successfully completed and all requirements have been met

Phase 5: Administrative Functions.

This FAA completes all administrative functions including issuance of the Air Agency Certificate, OpSpecs, and the certification reports.

JDA also provides these Services for new or current Part 145 certificate holders:

  1. SAS Audits and updates of current manual system, letters or statements of compliance (LOC/SOC) and programs.
  2. Pre purchase audit for acquisitions and mergers.
  3. Certification of a Part 145 Satellite Repair Station, amendment to, and/or transfers of the Part 145 Certificate
  4. Initial, Renewal, and Amendment Approval of a Part 145 Repair Station located in the United States applying for an EASA Part 145.
  5. Certificating/Renewing/Amending a Part 145 Repair Station located in the United State under a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA)/Maintenance Implementation Procedures (MIP)
  6. Certificating/Renewing/Amending a Part 145 Repair Station located outside the territories of the United States and not under a BASA/MIP.
  7. Initial, Renewal, or Amendment Certification of an EASA Part 145 European Union (EU) Based AMO applying for a Part 145 Certificate.
  8. Initial, Renewal, or Amendment of a Part 145 Repair Station outside the United States and its territories under an Agreement.
  9. Safety Management System
  10. Contact JDA at or by phone at 877-532-2378 or complete the form on the Contact Us page to start your Part 145 project.