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Aviation Leadership

JDA's Aviation Leadership

JDA Aviation Leadership: JDA’s staff and associates are passionate about aviation and have decades of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and industry experience. JDA team members have been selected not only for their extensive expertise in a given area, but also because they love what they do and want to help improve the productivity, efficiency and safety of the industry. JDA experts stand ready to address your challenges in safety, certification, compliance, obstruction evaluation, human factors, airworthiness, engineering, quality assurance (QA), flight operations, and organizational relationships.

JDA Staff

Joseph Del Balzo

Joseph Del Balzo


  • FAA Acting Administrator
  • Executive Director: Systems Operations, System Development
  • FAA Director Eastern Region
  • Director, FAA Technical Center
  • FAA Chief Technical Officer, Europe, Africa and Middle East. Brussels, Belgium
  • 36 year FAA career

Mike Rioux


  • Executive VP, JDA
  • Senior VP Operations and Safety, ATA
  • VP Engineering, Maintenance & Material, ATA
  • 23 Years US Naval Aviation
Thomas E. Stuckey

Thomas E. Stuckey

VP Business and Commercial Aviation Solutions

  • Former Manager FAA Flight Standards Southwest Region
  • Former Acting Director Flight Standards Service, FAA HQ
  • 33 year FAA career
Bill Norwood

Bill Norwood

Vice President of Products and Technology

  • VP Optical Radiation Corp
  • VP, Sales and Marketing, DgR
  • President, Hoya Lens of America
  • Sr. VP, JDA , Products Division
  • Business Development, Universal Container

Cynthia Schultz

Vice President of Airports

  • Airport Director Great Falls International Airport
  • Director of Construction and Maintenance for Buttrey Food and Drug
  • PE
  • Senior Engineer for The Boeing Company
  • Accredited Airport Executive (AAE)
Sandy Murdock

Sandy Murdock

Legal Adviser and JDA Journal Editor

  • FAA Chief Counsel and Acting Deputy Administrator
  • NBAA SVP- Administration, General Counsel and Secretary
  • United Airlines- General Attorney
  • Partner in law firms representing airlines; OEMs; MROs; Airports; Foreign, State and City Governments
  • Past Chair of American, International and Federal Bar Associations’ aviation sections
Karen Nakamura

Karen Nakamura


  • 26 years experience in corporate accounting and taxation
  • CPA and Accountant for Bon Beebe
  • Hayes-Ligon Corporation Accountant and led due deligence team in sale of company
  • 14 years as Controller for Produce Company; with JDA since 2008
  • BS Accounting University of Maryland

JDA Associates

JDA experts stand ready to address your challenges in safety, certification, compliance, obstruction evaluation, human factors, airworthiness, engineering, quality assurance (QA), flight operations, and organizational relationships.

Loretta Alkalay – Regulatory and Legal, Former FAA
Bill Ashworth – Airworthiness / Type Certification, Former FAA and MRO
Denise Anderson – Tech Writer, Former Airline and Industry
Julie Acheson – Cabin Safety, Airline Industry
Ray Barnes – Engineering / Certification, Former Industry
Ramon Barrera – Airworthiness / Maintenance, Former FAA
Mike Borfitz – Airworthiness / Type Certification, Former FAA and Industry
Don Brown – Airworthiness/SMS, Former FAA
Dave Canoles – ATM, Former FAA
Jesus Cavazos – Airworthiness / Maintenance, Former FAA
Edward Christensen – Airowrthines/DAR , Former FAA
Paul Creider –  Airworthiness / Engineering, Former airline and MRO
Patty Daniel  ATM, Former FAA
Jim Davey – Business Development/Airworthiness/Engineering, Former Airline
Jim Devany – Safety / Manufacturing Inspection, Former FAA
Ray Dougherty – Airworthiness / Maintenance, Former FAA
Thomas Doherty – Operations, Training and AQP Former Airline
Dave Downey – Certification and Engineering, Former FAA and industry
Bill Ellis – Operations / Safety, Former FAA
Ron Everlove – FAA DER, Propulsion and Aircraft Systems, Industry
Greg Feith – Airworthiness / Safety, Former NTSB
Mike Fernandez – Airworthiness / Maintenance, Former FAA
Agnar Fjordholm – Operations/AQP, Former Airline
Dr. Ken Fleming – Operations Research and Economics, Related Industry
Jim Fossey – ATM, Former FAA
Frank Del Gandio – Safety and Accident Investigation, Former FAA
Ken Gardner – SUPS, PMA, MIDO, Former FAA
Juan Garcia – Airworthiness / Maintenance, Former FAA
John Goglia – SMS, FBO, Maintenance, Former NTSB
Michelle Goss – Tech Writer, Industry
J.R. Grace – Engineering/Certification, Industry
Sam Grober – Flight Test Engineer and Certification, former FAA
Gary Gomes – Airworthiness / Maintenance, Former FAA
Harry “Butch” Gumm – Interior Engineer, Former industry
Florian Hafner – Engineering, Related Industry
Bob Hernandez – Operations / Safety, Former FAA
Pamela Helms – Cabin Safety, Airline Industry
Paul Heron – Operations/Safety, Former FAA
Erich Hopkins – Engineering, FAA DER
Jack Jetton – Operations/Training, Former FAA
Art Johnson – Airworthiness / Maintenance, Former FAA
Pauline Jones – Flight Attendant, Industry
Fernando Junco – Operations / Safety, Former FAA
Ken Kadey – Operations and Safety, Former FAA
Kevin Karpe – ATM, Former FAA
Leroy Keith – Certification, Former FAA
Fred Kirijan – Operations/AQP/Training , Former Industry
Jim Krieger – ATM, Former FAA
David Laananen – Crashworthiness and Aircraft Seats, Academia and Industry
Christine Leonard – Airworthiness/QA, Industry
George Lyddane – Operations/Flight Test, Former FAA
Mel Marengo – Airworthiness / Maintenance, Former FAA
Tom Martin – Airworthiness / Maintenance/ DAR,  Former FAA
Ron McGarry – Operations / Safety, Former FAA
Nelson Miller – R&D/CRADA – Former FAA
Jose Munoz – Operations / Safety, Former FAA
Tom Morrow – ATC and ATM, Former FAA
Nick Olmsted – Engineerng, FAA DER, Industry
Mark Olsen – Radar Analysis, Former FAA
David Orochena – Aviation Security, Former FAA and TSA
Joseph Pampalone – Operations/Ground Services/Dispatch, Industry
Jose Perez – Airworthiness / Maintenance, Former FAA
David Perry – Obstruction Evaluation and Airspace Analysis – Industry, Former  USAF and Industry
Raul Pomales – Operations and Safety, Former FAA
Ed Pinto – Marketing / Public Relations, Former FAA
Frank Poursartip –  Cargo Systems/DER, Industry
Mark Rudo – Engineering/Repair Station, Industry
Ronald Russum – Airworthiness / Maintenance, Former FAA
Donald Salisbury – Airworthiness/Dispatch/Ground Services, Industry
Harry Schaefer – Compliance/Enforcement/Security, Former DOT and DHS
Wayne Shade – Engineering and QA, Former FAA and Industry
David M. Smith, Operations, Former FAA
Lew Smith – Airworthiness / Maintenance, Former FAA
Walt Smith – Airport Safety / Air Traffic Operations, Former FAA
James Spearman – Operations, Former FAA
Nelson Soto – Airworthiness/Maintenance, Former FAA
Carl Steinhauer – Airport Operations / Airspace , Former FAA
Peter Stonefield – FAA DER, Propulsion and Aircraft Systems, Industry
Antonio Trani – Airport Noise and Flight Procedures, Industry
Ben Visser – Aviation Lubricant Engineering, Related Industry
Kristin Wells – Tech Writer, Industry
Larry Williams – Operations / Safety, Former FAA

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