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About JDA Aviation

About JDA: JDA’s core business is Safety, Certification and Compliance for air carriers, repair stations and aircraft and product manufacturers.  The majority of JDA’s employees and Associates are former career FAA Flight Standards Certificate Managers and Principal Inspectors, FAA Engineering and Certification experts. Our team also includes experts from airlines, airports, associations, manufacturers and aviation unions.

A primary focus area for the company is the performance of certification-related services for new and existing Part 91, 121, 125, 129, 135, 142 and 145 certificate holders.  

About JDA

In 2005 JDA became one of the first 2 firms to be qualified by the FAA as a Certification Consultant and in 2009 was qualified and licensed as a MITRE Aviation Institute Safety Management System (SMS) training and implementation organization.

JDA has a comprehensive Safety Management System portfolio that includes SMS planning, implementation and training, SMS safety culture assessments and safety gap analyses, SMS manual development, and SMS software applications.  JDA’s safety culture Assessment program is a groundbreaking service that provides both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks for any type of aviation organization JDA offers small companies with limited staff and resources an outsourced safety department through JDA’s Virtual Safety Office (VSO) program. 

Technical management, expertise and experience are critical in achieving successful new certifications. Many of the JDA team are former FAA managers, supervisors and principal inspectors. JDA team members are experienced in using the same diagnostic processes and tools as the FAA, including the FAA 8900.1 Flight Standards Information Management System and the FAA’s Safety Assurance System (SAS) Safety Attributes and the FAA SAS Data Collection Tools. Our Certification Directors and Specialists possess a unique capability of being able to “think like an FAA inspector” while being fully cognizant of the potential impact a new procedure may have on an operation and are unsurpassed in their technical knowledge in this area.

Since 2016 JDA has been heavily engaged in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Urban Air Mobility Autonomous (UAM) Safety Assessments for the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai. JDA provided safety risk assessment of two manufacturers and supported a successful flight test demonstration program and the first indoor flight of an autonomous aircraft.

JDA Journal FAA Insight Blog

Explanation of Intent and Content

Published daily since 2009, the JDA Journal has earned a reputation as a source for  concise, unbiased, no nonsense, non-jargon, in depth analysis and  incisive commentary on the latest news and important  current issues of interest to the aviation community.  No other daily aviation journal is as thought provoking, insightful, interesting and sometimes even fun to read at no cost, without advertisements and without overt or subtle marketing messages.

Based on our collective years of experience in aviation– in Washington, out in the aviation hubs and at foreign posts—we translate jargon, decipher innuendo, and explain the obtuse to provide critical analysis and expert commentary.

These interpretations are backed with explanations which delve below the major premises into the material which drives these conclusions.

Wherever possible, links to the statute, regulations, manuals, handbooks, PGLs and all sorts of reference materials are provided.

As a result, an archive of 4,000 past articles has become a valuable online resource for those engaged in aviation safety research or for those readers who simply want to understand the story behind the story.

At the end of every post is a comment section. It is there because we welcome dialogue. Safety opinions have many different perspectives; there is real value in exchanging views.

Opinions and insights from  outside aviation safety professionals are welcome. When accepted for publication their posts draw considerable interest.

Our views on issues are as unbiased as we can make them. We have worked in government, associations and industry but safety is a discipline which does not tolerate prejudged perspectives. As you do every day, we, too, must recalibrate our vision based on the current facts. We do err and welcome corrections.

FAA Insight Blog

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