Winglets are saving 5 Billion Gallons a year—get the message out about aviation’s greening accomplishments!

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It is pretty much accepted dogma in the Green Party and other environmental groups that aviation should be reduced because of its detrimental impacts. Their manifestos assume that the aircraft are the scourge of the skies and their minds are incapable of accepting facts to the contrary. The battle with the EU over an Emissions Trading Scheme was driven by the political strength of the Green Party within the Union; there was no room for serious debate since the opposition would not even consider that aviation’s substantial efforts and investments in airframes, powerplants and practices which have made signification reductions in the industry’s carbon footprint, emissions, etc.

The below article is a perfect example of how the positive data does not seem to get the distribution which it deserves!

The developer of Blended Winglet Technology, Aviation Partners, Inc. announced that the BWT has saved an estimated five billion gallons of jet fuel. The world’s commercial and business jet operators, some 6,100 individual jet airplanes reduced CO2 emissions of over 107 billion pounds (or almost 54 million tons.)

As shown in the above graphic, the BWT (middle aircraft) reduces drag of the standard wing tip, which creates drag. The winglet decreases drag, increases efficiency by 60%, adds range and thus results in considerably greener flights. This is only the beginning, API forecasts that these savings will reach 10 billion gallons by the end of 2019.

API established a joint venture with The Boeing Company, called Aviation Partners Boeing (APB), to incorporate these winglets on the Chicago/Renton manufacturer’s airliners. Aviation Partners’ latest design, Split Scimitar™ Winglets (the bottom aircraft in the graphic), offers innovative new design building on the technology’s past delivery of increased fuel savings. API and APB plan to continue the R&D to further enhance these benefits.

Joe Clark, founder and CEO of API, and Chairman of APB, disseminated his good news by stating:

“We are proud to be the world leader in the field of fuel savings for commercial airlines and private aviation…We look forward to adapting our new technology to both existing airplanes and new production designs in the near future.”

To keep the information current, API created a real time scoreboard of the BWT’s fuel savings.

This type of information needs to be better circulated; so SHARE THIS POST ON LinkedIn, Facebook or from the JDA Journal Website. Maybe aviation can compel the Greens to ground their positions in reality rather than fantasy.

ARTICLE: 5 Billion Gallons Of Jet Fuel Saved

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