Views of 2021 EAA Airventure® for the forlorn

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Largest Air Show in US

Best AIR show in the WORLD

Pure Aviation Ecstacy from EAA


For those experiencing deprivation from the annual airplane sensory ecstasy, here are some great images of the 2021 Airventure (r) from OSH. Just seeing these glimpses of this event should compensate a bit of your heartache. ENJOY  

After the three days leading up to the show,  an astonishing 7,928 aircraft had flown into Oshkosh for the organization’s 68th fly-in, more than double the 3,500 during the same period in 2019—the last year AirVenture was held due to the worldwide pandemic—and more than 50 percent greater than the record for the three-day period of nearly 5,000 aircraft.



  1. People

EAA people


scenes from airshow


3. Static displays


Ford WASP honor car and MTSU CAP

Project Orvis flying eye hospital and Honda


military stand and seaplane base


FAA controllers 2018 at EAA OSH


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