Valuable Safety Data must be Protected

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ARTICLE: Appropriate Use of Safety Information


The attached presentation by Captain Charles “Chuck” Hogeman, chair of the ALPA Safety Committee to the NTSB Safety Culture Form is must reading. His impressive credentials make him an expert on such issues.

His presentation carefully explains the premises and values of the three major information sharing programs. He emphasizes that these reports provide the fuel for Safety Management and Risk-based Safety Management systems. Without them, the proactive benefits which derive from these efforts would be diminished or defeated. Ultimately these mechanisms and disciplines contribute to the safety culture which is universally acclaimed as key to enhancing aviation’s performance.

The importance and inviolability of the data and reports collected under VDRP, ASAP, FOQA, CAST, ASIAS, LOSA and associated information sharing systems sponsored by the FAA and supported by industry has been repeatedly emphasized here. It has also been noted that the exceptions are being cited all too frequently in order for enforcement actions to be brought.

One of the attached slides is entitled “The Need to Protect Safety Data.” We wholeheartedly agree with Captain Hogeman!

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