Using the excitement of Rocketry to attract students to STEM

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Much to its credit, the Aerospace Industries Association, along with the National Association of Rocketry and 27 other supporters, have sponsors, have promoted STEM with the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC). The 2015 competition has attracted 100 teams/600 students to this competition. This practical use of science, technology, mathematics and engineering is packaged in the exciting challenge of designing the most effective rocket. The theory is that the students, thus excited about this contest, will continue their studies in these vital disciplines.

AIA demonstrated the reach of this initiative in this article of its website describing the team from the Virgin Islands. The President took time form his busy schedule to meet the competitors and hear of their achievements.

The rewards for the best rocket are remarkable– scholarships and prizes totaling more than $60,000 and the chance to travel to the Paris International Air Show in June courtesy of the Raytheon Company. Such a prize will get the attention of the TARC’s target audience.

Great initiative.


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