Union holds Seminar on Implementation of Part 117’s new Fatigue Regulatory Regime

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ARTICLE: ALPA Readies Aviation Industry for New Rule to Combat Pilot Fatigue


The FAA has struggled to regulate the readiness of the cockpit crew for flight. For many years, the single most contentious FAR has been the flight and duty time regulations, which controlled the time the pilots were allowed to work.

Time in the plane is not the only measure of fatigue and the new FAA approach (Part 117) attempts to take a more holistic approach to the issue of the preparedness of the pilots for flight. Not surprisingly, the request for interpretations continue. A4A has already sought clarification of the new rules.

In this context, it is encouraging to see that ALPA held a conference on the implementation of this new rule: “Part 117: A Path to Implementation.” The agenda included a thorough overview of the new rule, all aspects of implementing the new flight-and duty-time regulations and minimum rest requirements, and available software tools.

All of these regulatory efforts do not address the state of the professional when he or she reports for duty. Hopefully, ALPA’s agenda included tools for individual pilots to be able to assess his or her readiness for flight.

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