UAVs signal Rebirth of “Mature” Aviation?

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As drones evolve from military to civilian uses, venture capitalists move in


Aviation was invented 110 years ago and that historical moment is correctly defined as manned, heavier-than-aircraft that operating with control in pitch, roll and yawl. Some observers have commented that after a century, today’s  aviation business may have matured and may have reached a plateau in the business growth cycle.

Recent announcements tend to disprove that gloomy hypothesis; so long as one is willing to accept that an aerial vehicle without a pilot in the plane is the same business. Within a month,a former software entrepreneur, Vern Raeburn who also showed his integration innovation genius in creating ultralight aircraft, was elected to the position of Chairman and CEO of Titan Aerospace of Moriarty, N.M .  That was a harbinger of things to come.

The  above newspaper account (see link to the Washington Post), indicates that Tim Draper, an angel investor in Hotmail, Skype and Baidu, is now backing DroneDeploy, a new company writing software to direct unmanned aircraft .

That is a clear indication that UAVs and their applications signal a new bump in the flat aviation business forecast.

The computer that flew the plane at Kitty Hawk was a 36 year old software created by Catherine and Milton Wright. It will be interesting to see how the Wilbur-less aircraft bring to the next generation of aviation operations

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