UAS Digest #18So many drone stories digested down to a mere 79!

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  • New section on Civic and State Actions
  • New section on Collateral Developments
  • New section on International Developments

Bad News

 Drone closes Heathrow Airport runway

 Did wayward drone knock out power in Bernal Heights?—Bad news → Bad Policy: “A recreational drone possibly crashed into a Pacific Gas and Electric Co. overhead conductor Sunday evening, causing a power failure that lasted more than an hour in a small section of San Francisco.”

 Drone Spotted Near Logan Airport For Second Time In A Week

 Boston’s drone ‘boneheads’ worry UAV law-followers

 Tourists cause trouble with drone at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeThe flying device was spotted near Central Park West and West 77th Street over the high-profile event at about 10:30 a.m., according to published reports…The operator was a 41-year-old, was given a summons to appear in court and charged with flying a drone, WABC reported.

 Michigan’s Capitol buzzed by drone

Michigan’s Capitol buzzed by drone


Business and Competition

→  Ford launches UAV-vehicle challenge—“Ford and DJI have launched the DJI Developer Challenge as a call to industry to create a drone-to-vehicle communications solution that utilises the Ford SYNC AppLink or OpenXC.”
Ford launches UAV-vehicle challenge

 Intel buys Ascending Technologies to make safer drones

 Intel recognises drones as a computing platform of the future

  Chipmaker Intel Upgrades Presence in Small Drone Industry

  PASSUR Aerospace Announces the Establishment of Unmanned Aerial System and Drone Traffic Management Integration Service

 The Drone Rodeo Will Let You Test Drones out in the Desert at CES 2016 – Dealerscope

The Drone Rodeo Will Let You Test Drones out in the Desert at CES 2016 - Dealerscope


City and State Action

 Lawmaker says state should be proactive in regulating drone use

  Springfield test center gets OK for drone projects

 Pendleton City Council to consider grant for drone range manager

 Training, research authorized for several drone projects

 Wichita’s heavy aviation presence affects drone operators

 Groton Schools Get Drone Grant

  High-Tech Chattanooga At Play…High Up In The Air

 Reluctant Townie: Set for takeoff: Best practices for drones


Collateral Developments (beyond UAS but derived from UAS)

 The MEGADRONE big enough to carry a passenger: Chinese firm says self-flying craft could be used as a smart taxi

 This octocopter wants to fly you at 60 mph

This octocopter wants to fly you at 60 mph



 Salt Lake City Airport urges caution by drone fliers

 State police to educate public on drones — The Boston Globe

 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide to assist new UAS users with free online course



 FAA seeks local police help with drones

 Police to clamp down on illegal use of drones

→  Police in England might soon be unleashing drones during protests and sieges


FAA Actions, Appeal, and Reactions

 FAA Sued In Federal Court Over Drone Registration Rules

 Scouting Report of Taylor v. Huerta

Scouting Report of Taylor v. Huerta

 Here’s How Many People Have Registered Their Drones—181,000 and rising

 No, Of Course People Aren’t Registering Their Drones with the FAA—Only about a quarter of those sold over the holidays have been documented.

 FAA Resolutions We Hope for in 2016 – DRONELIFE

 FAA Releases B4UFLY Smartphone App—The app is now available for Apple devices and can be downloaded from the App Store.

 The Drone Industry Is Still Waiting For FAA Rules; Frustration Grows After Missed UAS Deadlines In 2015


Good News

 Santa Claus Delivers Xmas Presents with Hexo+

 Local UAS firm featured in small business photo documentary

Local UAS firm featured in small business photo documentary

 16 drones to ‘perform’ at Gardens by the BayHere’s the ballet in the sky

 On the Commercial Drone—A business aviation writer opines on the technology, its future and UAV use in the commercial operations.

 The future of the drone industry – why drones will change the way we do business.



 Colorado Division of Insurance offers a bird’s-eye view on drone insurance


International Developments

 Russia introduces obligatory drone registration

Russia introduces obligatory drone registration

 UK Police May Use Drones To Monitor Protests, Siege Operations

 Wildlife warden demands drones for PTR surveillance—India

 Training drones to be friends—New Zealand

 As drone use takes off, govt drafts safety measures—Myanmar

 Rwanda: Brains Behind Rwanda’s First Drones—Rwanda

 Irish Aviation Authority may open up skies to commercial drone delivery—Ireland

 Drones subject to privacy, trespassing rules—Canada



Hybrid UAV Drones Market 2016 global industry analysis and forecast


Legal Information

 Kentucky Drone Shooter Case May Let FAA Dictate Legal UAV Flight Heights

 FAA Drone Regulations: What’s Left for States?


Legislative Information

 Drone privacy push could stall out

Drone privacy push could stall out


Market Forecast

 Looking at the tech trends of 2016

 Predictions for 2016: The year of the business drone


Operational Developments

 Amazon drone use kept to a minimum – for now


People in Drone Nation

 Mark A. Dombroff—One of the leading attorneys on UAS issues.Mark A. Dombroff



 DHS offers new privacy suggestions on agency drone programs

 DHS Issues Process and Privacy Guidance on State and Local Drones—The document, Best Practices for Protecting Privacy, Civil Rights & Civil Liberties In Unmanned Aircraft Systems Programs, addresses concerns over the implications of high-tech tools that, without rigorous controls and oversight embedded in law and embodied in code, can easily be abused.



 Multiple-Scenario Unmanned Aerial System Control: A Systems Engineering Approach and Review of Existing Control Methods—CSU does a first level review of the existing research of possible architecture.

 UAS, drones a big part of Ohio college’s future

 Flying Robots Are Coming to US Universities

 Polytechnique students developing drone

 NRL Tests Cooperative Soaring Concept for Sustained Flight of UAV Sailplanes—Air Vehicle Intelligence and Autonomy (AVIA) Lab at Pennsylvania State University (PSU) involved


Regulatory Policy

 Biggest obstacle for delivery drones isn’t the technology: It’s you and me—the people on the ground are not predictable.

 From Self-Help “Skeet Shooting” to DHS Guidance for Law Enforcement: Regulation of Drones Is a Bumpy Ride

 Looking out for downed drone

Looking out for downed drone


Safety Research

 Drone pilots beware: Airbus introduces new anti-UAV system—“The anti-drone hardware uses infrared cameras and direction finders to spot drones as far away as 10 kilometres and assess whether or not they are a threat. If the drone is considered dangerous, the system uses a jammer to interrupt the link between the drone and its pilot or navigation system. The company added that the technology also tracks the position of the pilot, allowing law enforcement to follow up on the ground.”

Drone pilots beware: Airbus introduces new anti-UAV system

 Air Force wants a portable system to counter small drones


Technology Development and Research

 CES 2016: Intel drone dodges ‘falling tree’ on stage—“When one of these obstacles was made to fall in the drone’s path, it dodged it, and thereby avoided a collision….’The drone was able to stop, wait and go round that obstacle as well – following the rider all the time,’ said Intel’s chief executive Brian Krzanich.”

 New technique to help drones manoeuvre safely in mountains

 Axis Vidius: Smallest Camera Equipped Drone Launched By FAA – All India Journal—Designed to avoid registration?

 DJI Kicks Off 2016 DJI Developer Challenge, Releases New Mobile SDK 3.0

 Parrot’s brand new smart drone can reach speeds of 50 MPH

Parrot’s brand new smart drone can reach speeds of 50 MPH

 The World Leader in Professional Drones-ZEROTECH Debuts the Most Compact 4K Drone That Carries Mechanical Stabilization Gimbal at CES2016 Show

ZEROTECH Debuts the Most Compact 4K Drone That Carries Mechanical Stabilization Gimbal at CES2016 Show

 Restrictions from other than the Federal Government and possible clashes with the FAA “Fact Sheet”

 Drone rules need to be tighter: CA senator

 Drones not permitted at 2016 X Games in Aspen

 Ski Area Bans Most Drone Use – UAV Expert News

Ski Area Bans Most Drone Use – UAV Expert News

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