UAS Digest #16News Before the 25th

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UAS Digest #16 —News before the 25th

Holiday Message courtesy of Ascending Technologies created a “light painting” wishing all a Happy Holidays and/or Merry Christmas


Bad News

·        Drone pilot apologizes to CHP after near miss

·        Ski federation bans drones after slope crash


Business and Competition

·        Unmanned aircraft sector progresses at Griffiss

·        Breakthroughs, collaboration set flight plan for future of UAS

·         DJI Opens Drone Store in Shenzhen— “Whether you are curious to learn how to fly or a professional looking for the latest aerial imaging technology to create your next big idea, the flagship store will provide you with the opportunity to really experience the DJI brand up close and in person. More importantly, it will allow us to engage our customers in a deeper and more meaningful way.”

·         UAS range gets $300K— The commitment from the state will also be used to construct hangars and storage facilities at the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport.



·        Wiscasset students embracing first of its kind class on drones

·        Kentucky university to begin offering UAS classes in March 2016


·      EPRI Holds First UAS Conference –“This event specifically focused on inspection and assessment of transmission assets,” said Andrew Phillips, who directs EPRI’s drone research. “It was really targeted. When you go to an average UAS conference they might talk about inspecting golf courses or flying UAS for real estate, but this was targeted to the utilities industry, and specifically transmission assets. It was so targeted that a lot of value came out of it.”

·     Testing the limits of the UAS

·     Drone flights prompt federal warnings With the “exponential” growth of drones, Transport Canada wants to ensure operators know how to fly them safely



·        UAS Enforcement Q&A Q: How will the FAA become aware of non-compliance with the sUAS …

·        Law Enforcement Reference Card

·        FAA investigating drone flying near Allegheny County Airport


FAA actions and reactions 

·        Fact Sheet on State and Local UAS Laws

faa uas fact sheet federal aviation administration·         Simple FAA Fact Sheet really asserts a lot of UAS jurisdiction!!!

·         FAA releases guidance to states on drone laws

·         FAA To Suspend Online Small UAS Registration During Overnight Hours to Complete Site Maintenance

·         More Than 45,000 Drones Have Been Registered With the FAA Already

·         Emerging UAS Technology Deserves Federal Guidance, Not Conflicting Local Rules, says Consumer Technology Association—argues that FAA should preempt the field

·         FAA Faces Criticism Over Drone Registration Fee

·         FAA needs to make thoughtful safety rules before drones deliver our packages or pizza

·         Company earns a US FAA first with large remote UAVYA

·        Oops! FAA UAV Website Sends The Wrong Registration Information

·        AMA Members Urged Not to Register with the FAA


Good news

·         Top 10 spatial disruptions of 2015Drones/UAV/UAS/RPA fill the skies, land and seaWhatever you choose to call them, and however you plan to use them, unmanned technologies are becoming commonplace for both professional and civilian use. 2015 was the year of the drone, more than any other technology. ..The potential applications of this technology will cease to end: from star wars drones, to tracking endangered species the list of drone projects will only further skyrocket in 2016.

·         Drone used for photography in big fat Indian wedding—says that illegal drone flight was detected by radar, really?

·        Christmas for Prisoners Ruined as Drugs Delivery Drone Crashes

·        VIDEO: A drone finds a way through sea ice for Aurora Australis



·         Check insurance policies, register with FAA before flying drones, experts advise

·         Country Financial offers safety tips for hobby drones



·        IdeaForge to raise $10m Series A funding


Legal Information

·            UAS/FAA Federal Law vs. State Law: The FAA and the Supreme Court Have Spoken


Legislative Information


Market Forecast

·         6 Reasons the Market for Drone Services is Set to Explodechart


Operational Developments

·     Twitter Inc (TWTR) Granted Patent For a Tweeting Drone—“Account holders of the messaging platform may control the UAV with commands embedded in messages and directed towards an account associated with the UAV. Controllable elements of the UAV include UAV location, camera orientation, camera subject, UAV-mounted lighting, a UAV-mounted display, a UAV-mounted projector, UAV-mounted speakers, and a detachable payload.”

·      Pro-Cam Rentals Launches New Aerial Division For Broadcast and Motion Pictures With Acquisition of Multiple SHOTOVER U1 Professional Grade Unmanned Aerial Systems –by definition, will require §333 authorization.

·      New Drone Stays by Your Side Using Smart Watch Technology

·      Sensefly’s eBee aids in train derailment investigation


People in Drone Nation

·      Mark Meyer UAViators Humanitarian UAV network



·         Drones & Privacy: We Don’t Need Any New Laws! | Lexology


Research—Academic/Business- teaching

Regulatory Policy

·        This Holiday Season, Don’t Drink and Drone

Safety Research

Technology Development and Research

·        PASSUR Aerospace establishes UAS, drone traffic management integration service

·        Russian inventor revs up drone engine into powerful generator

Restrictions from other than the Federal Government

·        Europe takes next step on UAV regulations

·        Phoenix Drone Proposal May Crash Against FAA Fact Sheet

·        Delaware DOT Reinforces in Drone Notice That FAA Controls Airspace :: Unmanned Aerial

·       German castles have started banning drones from their grounds, claiming they are a nuisance to tourists and threaten public safety.Aircraft

·       Golden Gate Bridge to Drone Operators: Buzz Off

·       Carolina DOT issues its own drone guidelines for recreational operation

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