UAS airspace safety, the FAA has an APP for that, B4UFLY

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The potential for safety challenges exist in every flight. One way to reduce the risk is for the pilot to gather as much relevant information as possible. The FAA has created a smartphone app which can educate UAS pilots about the airspace in which a flight will be launched.

Administrator Huerta announced this significant advance in UAS safety at the recent Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Conference. B4UFLY is an almost intuitive application which runs on iOS phones today. The APP allows the sUAS pilot, during a preflight check, to check to determine if there are any restrictions or requirement which must be observed during operation. Here is the list of functions which the B4UFLY includes:

  • “A clear “status” indicator that immediately informs operators about their current or planned location.
  • Information on the parameters that drive the status indicator.
  • A “Planner Mode” for future flights in different locations.
  • Informative, interactive maps with filtering options.
  • Contact information for nearby airports.
  • Links to other FAA UAS resources and regulatory information.”

The APP will bring highly technical information to the UAS pilot in consumer friendly terms. Its interactive maps will make it clear in which airspace the UAS may fly. B4UFLY will identify SFAR prohibitions and show the metes and bounds of restricted airspace. The APP links to other FAA informative websites.

The FAA has added a major safety tool for UAS operators. This technology will add to the safety of UAS flights.

SPEECH: “B4UFLY App Release Press Conference”

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