Through the FAA STC process in 130 days for a conversion of a B-777 to a freighter ?

B-777 drawing and STC
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GECAS and IAI announce a Freighter Conversion for B-777s

Say that process will require only 130 Days

STC for foreign conversion has many difficult steps

A very impressive team of Israel Aircraft industries and GE Capital Aviation Services announced that they intend to complete the process to obtain a Supplemental Type Certificate in a little over 3 months for converting a B-777-ERs to B-777-ERSFs freighters. There may be a number of unannounced aspects (when the STC application was originally filed, ownership of the data needed for airworthiness proof of  the conversion, an existing FAA/EASACivil Aviation Authority of Israel implementation procedure established (FAA-CAAI document), the country pf registration for the converted planes [FAA’s existing policies favor STCs for N-registered aircraft]  ), which might reduce the timeline.

all of the players--GECAS, IAI, CAAI, FAA and EASA

The ordinary STC process requires many steps to meet the airworthiness standards and a freighter conversion early in this millennium required issuance ofSTC process steps substantial Airworthiness Directives. The FAA Aircraft Certification Organization will likely worry about this project given its recent issues.

There is little doubt that these applicants must be aware of these hurdles, even if the aforementioned unknown factors are all positive. Another incalculable aspect if the relationship between the US and Israel; there may be strategic reasons for our ally to perform these conversions.  It will be interesting to see how quickly the first B-777 ERSF rolls out of the Bedek Hangars.IAI Bedek hangars

Clearly prospective STC applicants should be guided by experienced subject matter experts

JDA chart



IAI begins converting Boeing airliner into cargo plane


B 777 GECAS and IAI

The rise in e-commerce has seen an increase for more cargo planes, which reached a peak during the pandemic period.

(August 10, 2021 / JNS) Israel Aerospace Industries, together with the global aircraft leasing company GE Capital Aviation Services, has begun work to convert a Boeing B777 passenger airliner into a cargo plane, the company announced on Tuesday.

The process is expected to take 130 days to complete, according to IAI.

“The conversion process is complex and expresses IAI’s major experience as a leading conversion site at the international level,” said the statement. “The process of converting a passenger plane to a cargo plane includes changes to the structure, the installation of a new cargo area door, changing the plane’s floor reinforcement [and more].”

The process includes receiving approval for the converted aircraft from authorities such as the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Federal Aviation Administration.Bottom of Form

The rise in e-commerce has seen an increase in recent years for more cargo planes, which reached a peak during the coronavirus pandemic period, according to IAI.

IAI noted that “as of now, all conversion slots for this model are full until the year 2022.”


IAI announces conversion program


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