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Three Events That Merit Following

The point of these posts is to provide insights into current events in aviation. The magnitude of some of the news varies. Some receive attention from first publication to final resolution; other stories neither received a high level at their beginning nor at the eventual outcome.

Below are three interesting moments in our business, which merit notes about the next step in their evolution.

Cleveland and its FAA Snow Enforcement Case

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Originally the FAA proposed a $735,000 civil penalty, a record fine for an airport. Subsequently, the FAA applied its SMS/Compliance principles/policies and agreed to reduce the sanction to $535,000 with a promise by the airport that it would spend $200,000 on snow removal equipment. The most recent iteration in this CLE saga is that the FAA will grant the airport $7.1 million to buy

  • four multi-purpose vehicles,
  • two blowers,
  • two brooms,
  • three plows,
  • one spreader truck,


  • two liquid deicer trucks

This is a very odd outcome after such aggressive action at the beginning.

PAST: Article about FAA fine on the CLE airport misses test of new Compliance Policy

UPDATE: Cleveland Hopkins Airport receives $22 million in grants for snow removal, runway safety

Charlotte’s NextGen Implementation and the FAA’s Community Outreach

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The FAA has not received high marks on its efforts to educate the public to be impacted by the implementation of NextGen. It is an incredibly complex subject which is not easily explained to the neighbors. Two months ago, the FAA Regional Director for the Southern Region held a public meeting to lay out the national strategy and the local tactics. The presence of such a high-ranking official to deliver this message indicates that the FAA may be increasing the level of its attention. This update adds a second “town meeting”. A  the post-implementation 2nd dialogue is really impressive.

PAST: The FAA Charlotte ATC Metroplex Meeting: how to make it work for you

UPDATE: FAA to discuss new routes at Charlotte airport for air traffic overhaul

FAA Continues to Require EAA to Pay for the ATC at Oshkosh

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For years and years, the FAA was pleased to assign its premier controllers to handle the traffic for the EAA AirVenture ® . Several years ago, in the midst of a losing political battle over Contract Towers, it reversed its past policy and charged EAA for the added costs. Even though several Members of the Wisconsin delegation introduced legislation which would restore the old policy, the FAA persisted in insisting that the EAA pay for these services. There is nothing different to report here, just that it is disappointing that FAA continued sending the bill. Wonder if they will send a special bill for the massive increase in ATC traffic at ACK?

PAST: FAA’s proposal to charge EAA for the Oshkosh Tower AirVenture® costs may appear to be UNWISE to some but DIFFICULT to all

UPDATE: EAA forced to pay FAA
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