The World’s Center of Gravity for Aviation is moving

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ARTICLE: Air Arabia Chose the Successful Subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, Turkish Technic Inc. for its Component and Support Services


The aviation world is changing its center of gravity. Europe and North America have been dominant in terms of airlines, airports, manufacturers and associated companies. This article involves a new carrier operating out of the Middle East and North Africa and Air Arabia is the largest LCC in that region.

The other party to this component support contract is Turkish Technic, a Turkish Airlines company (with 247 destinations, the airline is the fourth-largest carrier in the world by number of destinations). This MRO is a leading source of technical services for Airframe, Engine, APU and components for a wide range of Airlines from Europe, Middle East, Asia, CIS and Northern Africa at its bases in Istanbul. Its personnel includes 5000 highly qualified and well-trained engineers, maintenance technicians, QA/QC staff and administrative support. Its related company is Turkish HABOM Inc.

It’s an impressive group; we know firsthand. Witness the above picture of a class being taught by JDA professionals in a class room in Istanbul. These students (see above picture) from both Turkish Technic and Habom are all involved in FAR Part 145 operations and were learning about a number of related topics including advanced methods for researching regulations and the intricacies of major/minor alterations.

It’s becoming a very different aviation world.

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