The FAA Associate Administrator for Airports   needs political sensitivity, technical expertise and industry experience- Ms. Griffin’s a great choice

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FAA Airports Assistant Administrator named

Job involves long list of technical skills

Also political acumen is critical to success

Shannetta Griffin, P.E. meets all of the prerequisites


FAA organization chart with political positions identified

There are five FAA positions designated as political appointees below the Administrator and the Deputy. Government & Industry Affairs as well as Communications have obvious ties with Administration’s Congressional and external messages. The Assistant Administrator for Policy, International Affairs, and Environment  has obvious need to be aware of and coordinate with the rest of the Administration on major issues like international relations, the environment and other global concerns. The Chief Counsel is another post with even stronger relationships with the Presidential leadership; the appointment and the authority depend on the DOT General Counsel.

Shannetta Griffin, P.E. meets all of the prerequisitesShannetta Griffin, AMAC Conference National Chairwoman

Airports sounds like a position which deals with highly technical details—









+The command of all of these disciplines is incredibly important; the least obvious talent is to deal with political concerns of all sorts (dealing with a Member’s constituent noise concern; AIP grants for airports in their district/state; etc. The ARP job has so much interface with the Hill that as the Biden Administration arrived in Washington, elected officials defined their demands/needs focused on this grounded segment of aviation.

As evidenced by those who occupied the ARP position in the past, it is a most demanding job as measured in hours and stress.  Ms. Griffin’s resume below makes it clear that she is well prepared to meet all the requirements of her sensitive appointment.


Griffin's resume



Airports Council Congratulates Griffin on FAA Associate Administrator Appointment

Griffin speaking at ACI

WASHINGTON – ACI-NA President and CEO Kevin M. Burke today congratulated the appointment of Shannetta Griffin, P.E. to serve as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Associate Administrator for the Office of Airports (ARP-1). In this role, Griffin will be responsible for overseeing airport grants and all programs related to airport safety, including safety inspections and certifications, the Airport Improvement Program, and the Passenger Facility Charge program.

“Shannetta is a proven airport industry expert, and ACI-NA congratulates her on being named the new FAA Associate Administrator for the Office of Airports. The FAA Office of Airports is an important federal partner that helps to ensure safety, efficiency, and security of America’s airports. Shannetta knows firsthand how airports operate and the importance of airports to local communities as drivers of economic growth, especially in the areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion. As the industry continues to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I know she will bring her wealth of experience in airport planning, commercial management, and business diversity to position airports for a strong recovery and bright future. We look forward to working with her to navigate the industry’s recovery and modernizing America’s aging airport infrastructure.”

FAA AIP poster


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