The European ADS-B deadline is extended, WHY?

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There are considerable complaints about the FAA’s progress on NextGen generally and specifically about the implementation of and cost of ADS-B. Among all of the massive upgrade of the ATC system and navigation equipment, probably the progress on ADS-B is among its best projects. This news from the European Commission and Eurocontrol, by comparison should be heartening for the FAA and the US industry.

The EC announced that upon finalization by the EU’s Single Sky Committee the deadlines for installation have been extended as follows:

· Current ADS-B Out New Aircraft Install 01/08/2015

· New ADS-B Out New Aircraft Install 06/08/2016

· Current ADS-B Out Retrofit deadline 12/17/2016

· New ADS-B Out Retrofit deadline 06/17/2020

· Complete Fleet Compliance June 2020

The FAA has remained steadfast on their deadline.

Research of both the ATM article and the EC/EU/Eurocontrol websites shows no further explanation of why there is a delay. Maybe their program has encountered technical problems, perhaps their manufacturers are not confidant about their ability to meet the production requirements or there are emerging questions about the price point of the units or some combination of these and other issues?

For a governmental body which professes the transparency of its processes and decisions, it would have been expected for the statement to have included some rationale.

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