The BIG Blue Airfoil loses 1 to retirement, adds 1 and promotes 2.

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NBAA provides good Member value by its talented staff

Knowledge and experience make excellent human resources

Nichols retires, Broom joins and Damato & Carr are elevated

The value proposition of a trade association is to provide insight to members by hiring top flight human assets whose skills are exceptional. The collective dues provide money necessary to hire such talent. Ed Bolen’s leadership of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA or the Big Blue Airfoil) has attracted a team of experienced aviation professionals all of whom are endowed with unparalleled skills relevant to his Members.

NBAA staff

The association continued that trend announcing :

  • the retirement of Mike Nichols, CAM, CAE, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Innovation effective April 30, 2021, after nearly 20 years of service with the association.
  • The addition of Andrew Broom as its new Senior Vice President for Strategy, Marketing and Innovation.
  • The elevation of Jo Damato, CAM, as its senior vice president, education, training and workforce development.
  • The elevation of and the addition of duties to Douglas Carr to  senior vice president, safety, security, sustainability and international affairs.

Broom’s resume brings a wealth of industry and association experience to NBAA. Andrew, like the others being elevated is a graduate of an aviation University—Embry-Riddle 1997 BA, 2000 MBA (he also was a member of the adjunct faculty during his graduate education). He has his commercial license with SEL and IR. He started his private industry experience at GAMA and moved on to work for the innovative OEM—Eclipse. His next tour was with Hawker-Beechcraft in Wichita, KS getting see the manufacturing up close. His next move was to Frederick, MD where he was the Division Director of AOPA’s Chief Communications and Marketing Officer. He moved on to be CEO of the Citation Jet Owners Association (CJP).

Andrew Broom

Broom will now be responsible for following emerging technologies relevant to business aviation, such as urban air mobility/eVTOL technologies with the goal of bring these new aviation operations within the Big Blue Airfoil’s purview. His work at Eclipse makes him well versed in the transition from idea to implementation.

NBAA has extremely successful professional development programs – which enhance the members’ safety and create standards for professionalism. Work at GAMA, AOPA and CJP acquaint Andrew with the courses which meet his members’ training needs. The association’s highlighted activities include its conferences and seminars, including 10 annual events His responsibilities. Andrew’s years in the private sector will provide the insights’ need to define the vision and strategy for making these events relevant to NBAA’s members.

Damato at NASM Uver-Hazy

NBAA added “senior” to the title of  Jo Damato, CAM, senior vice president, education, training and workforce development. Her alma mater, Florida Tech (B.S. in aviation management, flight option specialization) has recognized her effective outreach efforts. Jo also earned a and a Master’s in aeronautical science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University., Damato holds single- and multiengine Land Instrument Ratings, a Commercial Pilot Certificate and is a Certified Flight Instructor.

She is active with Women in Aviation International, Women in Corporate Aviation and the Florida Tech College of Aeronautics Alumni Board. In 2010, she helped launch an all-volunteer non-profit organization, Sky Hope Network, which in 2018 merged with Patient Air Lift Services. DOT Secretary of Transportation Chao  appointed to Jo to the prestigious Youth Access to American Jobs in Aviation Task Force as an aviation educational stakeholder representative

With her new title, she will continue to perform at a high level in her past duties. Her responsibilities include leading the team for all of NBAA’s professional development activities – including the association’s Professional Development Strategic Focus Team, Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Program, Professional Development Program Review Committee, On-Demand Education, and Scholarship Program – reflecting NBAA’s emphasis on workforce development.

Damato started her NBAA work in the member-intensive, highly-valued service managing the Air Traffic Services function at the FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center until 2007.

Doug Carr

Doug Carr adds “sustainability” to his already long title: senior vice president, safety, security, sustainability and international affairs. This addition to an already full portfolio I particularly important. All of aviation face a challenge to meet international carbon emissions standards. ICAO is being pushed by EASA to adopt more rigorous criteria. As his boss, Ed Bolen, acknowledged “Doug is well-known in the United States and around the world for his expertise in business aviation safety, security and international operations. He has also been a tireless advocate for sustainability, particularly as it relates to Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

aviation sustainability

During his tenure at NBAA, Doug has been a primary force in our success in regulatory issues before the Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration and Customs and Border Protection.”

Carr has represented business aviation interests before the International Civil Aviation Organization, and as part of several rulemaking efforts at the European Aviation Safety Agency, and as a member of numerous aviation rulemaking advisory committees (perhaps the most useful such appointment is his participation on the US DoT Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC)). He serves as the corporate secretary for the International Business Aviation Council, and is active with the U.S.-China Asian Cooperation Program. He is a member of the Aviation Advisory Committee for Southern Illinois University, and serves on the board of directors for the National Gay Pilots Association. He is a commercial, multi-engine, instrument-rated pilot and a certificated flight instructor. Carr served six years with the U.S. Navy aboard the Los Angeles-class, nuclear-powered, fast-attack submarine, the USS Norfolk.

Mike Nichols collage- Singapore, oenophile and new plane

Talking about Mike’s past is a story of constant lift—joining NBAA in 2003 and experiencing considerable promotions every 3.4 yearsmanager to director to Vice President to Senior Vice President; taxes to operations & economics to professional development to strategy & innovation. Mastering all manner of difficult subjects while providing leadership[1] to the members and his team is the hallmark of Nichols career.

NBAA has done a great job of growing its global voice by adding shows in Europe, South America and Asia. The business aviation potential for China, Japan, India, Korea and others on the Pac Rim. Testament to Ed Bolen’s trust in Mike, he assigned the events to Nichols in Shanghai!

What Mike’s future holds filled with interesting options. Mike’s “rolodex” (do they still exist?) is filled with the names of key players in aviation. His knowledge base is most valuable to these potential employers.

Outside of work—Mike is an above average baker (having won the office bake-offs [I think]). His travels have allowed him to develop the olfactory and gustatory tastes plus drinking of wine, using it for cooking, visiting wineries and maybe hoarding unopened vintage wine to qualify as a sommelier!!!


Good luck, Mr. Nichols, you deserve it and please keep us up with your next ventures or is it Adventures?

[1] Unlike Andrew, Jo and Doug, Mike went to Kutztown University of Pennsylvania where he studied business administration and international business. He is, however, an active instrument-rated private pilot for land and seaplanes, Nichols owns a Grumman Tiger aircraft and is a member of the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, Seaplane Pilots Association, American Yankee Association, AHS: The Vertical Flight Society and the American Society of Association Executives. He is a lifetime member of the Phi Chi Theta co-ed professional fraternity for business and economics. He has achieved several industry certifications, including the Certified Aviation Manager (CAM), Certified Association Executive (CAE) and Institute for Organization Management (IOM) credentials

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