Tax Day Brings ALPA and A4A to Agree?

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ARTICLE: Administration’s Budget Proposal Would Harm U.S. Airlines’ Ability to Compete Globally


It is appropriate to note on April 15, 2013 (the traditional date for filing income taxes) that two ordinarily antithetical organizations, the Air Line Pilots Association and Airlines for America agree on one thing—NO NEW TAXES ON AVIATION.

A review of both of their press releases reveals interesting facts, like this quote from A4A (a position on which ALPA agrees):

”On a typical $300 roundtrip domestic ticket, customers could pay $61, or 20 percent of the ticket price, in taxes. Under the President’s proposal, customers would pay nearly $75 or 25 percent on that same ticket.”

To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, nothing so brings forth consensus like the prospect of paying more taxes.

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