Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

PIA's losses

Pakistan’s Path back to the Global Aviation Safety Standards and Positive Airline $$ contributions

Pakistan’s Air Industry and CAA have had a bad 12 months EASA, IATA, ICAO & EASA repeated negative findings PIA grounded and country’s economy harmed Need for preparation for summer ICAO audit Good news/ bad…

PIA flights banned due to PCAA licensing issues

To restore its International Aviation Standings, Pakistan needs substantial help

Pakistan pilot license problems EASA and FAA demote PCAA status and limit PIA flights Airline and Civil Aviation Authority need help One of the foundational principles of international relations is the concept of comity. Each…

Pakistan A320

The revelations in the aftermath of the PK8303 crash earn a FAILING GRADE for the three International Audits- TIME for CHANGE???

Pakistan International crash pilot error; pilot training? Pakistan CAA determines that 150 PK pilots have fraudulent licenses PCAA fires 5 senior civil servants involved in licensing ICAO, EASA and FAA all found PCAA meeting standards…