Expression of sympathy for France & the Germanwings emergency workers who were guests in Paris that night

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The inhumane attack by cowardly terrorists is rightly being reviled by all of the world’s leaders. We, too, join in the chorus of sympathy for the people of Paris.

The horror experienced by all of the targets was magnified by a large contingent of the German and French people, who had aided at the Germanwings crash site. Lufthansa had chartered trains to bring the 1,200 emergency workers from the Alps. Airbus, Air France-KLM and the German airline helped create this event of appreciation, using the French-German friendly “soccer” match at La Stade.


So these people, who had been exposed to such tragedy on that mountain side and themselves had experienced the stress of that awful accident, now were once again subjected to the extreme tension created by the explosion of the terrorists’ bombs around that site. To them, we extend our additional sympathy as sisters and brothers of our aviation work.

So taking a cue from the French Assembly, we offer the words of France’s national Anthem, “La Marseillaise.” Here is a video of the MPs singing National Anthem in the Parliament for the first time since 1918. The words of that song, written by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in 1792, are so appropriate in response to this attack:

Arise children of the fatherland
The day of glory has arrived
Against us tyranny’s
Bloody standard is raised
Listen to the sound in the fields
The howling of these fearsome soldiers
They are coming into our midst
To cut the throats of your sons and consorts

To arms citizens Form your battalions
March, march
Let impure blood
Water our furrows

What do they want this horde of slaves
Of traitors and conspiratorial kings?
For whom these vile chains
These long-prepared irons?
Frenchmen, for us, ah! What outrage
What methods must be taken?
It is us they dare plan
To return to the old slavery!

What! These foreign cohorts!
They would make laws in our courts!
What! These mercenary phalanxes
Would cut down our warrior sons
Good Lord! By chained hands
Our brow would yield under the yoke
The vile despots would have themselves be
The masters of destiny

Tremble, tyrants and traitors
The shame of all good men
Tremble! Your parricidal schemes
Will receive their just reward
Against you we are all soldiers
If they fall, our young heros
France will bear new ones
Ready to join the fight against you

Drive on sacred patriotism
Support our avenging arms
Liberty, cherished liberty
Join the struggle with your defenders
Under our flags, let victory
Hurry to your manly tone
So that in death your enemies
See your triumph and our glory!

We share those sentiments in support of France.


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