SUPs are a Scourge of Aviation best Attacked with Expert Knowledge

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ARTICLE: Twelve Years After 9/11 Flight Safety Becomes Growing Concern Due To Suspect Aircraft Parts


Suspected Unapproved Parts have nothing to do with 9/11, other than to grab some attention from a headline. SUPs pose a real aviation hazard and there is a need to remove them from the parts system. The best way to attack this scourge is to understand the details which distinguish the good inventory from the bogus ones.

Knowledge and the tools needed to identify SUPs are the subject of this course. The specific information provided includes:

  • The parts approval process
  • Receiving inspections, and how unapproved parts get into the system
  • Parts involved in aircraft accidents
  • Surplus and military parts
  • Parts marking

“The devil is in the details” is a truism of great relevance to the SUP crusade and critical understanding of what is/is not an SUP needs to be in the data base of the directors, managers, supervisors and line personnel responsible for parts inventory at air carrier, general aviation, and distributor and repair station companies.

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