Commonwealth of Pennsylvania considers slots at Airports to attract planes and passengers

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Talk to any American aviation person about slots and they will respond about specific arrivals and departures at the FAA slot controlled airports. “We have a 09:30 arrival at DCA or a 22:15 departure at JFK,” would be the typical reply. These ephemeral “property rights” are controlled by the federals, but held and exchanged by the airlines which “own” them.  No revenue goes to the airport.


The Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee is considering a proposal to allow slots at the state’s six international airports. House Bill 1408 would allow airports install slots machines in the secure areas beyond the TSA checkpoints, then use their share of the profits for revitalization projects.

That’s a very creative way to reduce the costs of operations on the airline tenants. Low Cost Per Enplaned Passenger is the #1 selling card when airport management is trying to attract low fare carriers. Even the traditional network airlines like low CPEP at their airports. Oddly enough, Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, which has slots EVERYWHERE, has a very high CPEP.


ARTICLE: Slots at Airports?

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