Both sides of LA Basin Helicopter Noise Debate agree that they need Automated Complaint System

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L.A. Helo Operators Support Noise-complaint System

Helicopter Community Wants to Keep Noise-Complaint System in LA

Schiff, Feinstein and Harris Urge FAA to Reconsider Plans to Terminate Support for Helicopter Noise Complaint System

Helicopter Operators and Critics agree that Complaint System should be funded

System makes Operators Accountable

FAA should fund

Aircraft noise tends to be divisive. Operators and opponents have difficulty agreeing on much; the controversy tends to play by zero sum game rules.

Los Angeles West 11 VFR Helicopter Route Chart

Not so as to one aspect of the Helicopter Noise discussions to find solutions. Both sides CONCUR that the FAA should continue to fund the Automated Complaint System (ACS).

WOW: how is that possible?

·        the Los Angeles Area Helicopter Operators Association (LAAHOA) and the Professional Helicopter Pilots Association (PHPA) :

  • o   “It might sound counterintuitive, but many of us in the local helicopter industry firmly support keeping this system in place. We want the FAA to continue the ACS program because it objectively quantifies the extent of public concern about helicopter noise in the Los Angeles area,” said Chuck Street, executive director for LAAHOA.
  • “PHPA and LAAHOA attend these meetings to collaborate and to facilitate a system that allows all parties involved a common starting point with which to begin discussion,” said Morrie Zager, president of PHPA.
  • Street said the system also “reminds helicopter pilots that there is a form of accountability regarding how they operator (sic) their aircraft in the region.

[LA Helicopter Noise Automated Complaint System Provides The FAA With Better Information To Understand And Manage Noise Impacts]

·        Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala D. Harris (both D-Calif.), along with Representatives Adam B. Schiff (CA-28), Alan Lowenthal (CA-47), Brad Sherman (CA-30), Tony Cárdenas (CA-29), Maxine Waters (CA-43), and Ted W. Lieu (CA-33) wrote to Administrator (A) Elwell

Welcome to the Los Angeles Helicopter Noise Initiative’s
Automated Complaint System (ACS)

The system uses WebTrak, which allows you to watch the movement of helicopters throughout Los Angeles County and file complaints about helicopter noise. If you are a first time user of ACS, please take a few minutes to read the how to use ACS page.

Los Angeles Helicopter Noise Initiative

Helicopter noise is a concern for many residents across Los Angeles County. Since 2012 local community organizations, helicopter operators and other stakeholders have been working with the Federal Aviation Administration in a collaborative process known as the Los Angeles Helicopter Noise Initiative. The participants in the Helicopter Noise Initiative have been working to develop voluntary agreements on routes and altitudes, best practices, outreach and training, and other means of addressing the helicopter noise situation in Los Angeles County.

One of the initial outcomes of this initiative was exploring a centralized complaint system that could serve as a comprehensive repository of helicopter noise complaint data across the county. Brüel & Kjaer, the leading provider of airport noise monitoring systems in the region, developed the ACS to provide helicopter complaint data correlated with flight tracks. The FAA will be obtaining a year’s worth of data from this system. This information will help to identify patterns and trends in helicopter operations, improve our understanding of community reaction to helicopter noise, and inform future efforts to develop and implement noise abatement measures.

Hopefully, there is a way to find the money!!!


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