SC High School Aviation Initiative will Hopefully Inspire Other Educators

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ARTICLE: High school’s college aviation program takes flight


Aviation’s future will only be as robust as the human talent being educated by our secondary and college institutions. The successes of AIA, GAMA and Roll Royce have been noted here.

The attached article reports on the high level of sophistication in the programs at Beaufort County High School and Technical College of the Lowcountry. These programs make the following “implements” available to their students:

  • A flight simulator;
  • A miniature wind tunnel;
  • Access to college curriculum from one of the world’s leading aeronautical universities; and
  • A stripped down Cessna aircraft.

With these wonderful teaching assets, the graduates will be well positioned for a college education involving some aeronautical major. Both those who choose to enter the job market after graduation from BCHS and those who go on to study of aviation in college will be qualified to find employment at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, Charleston’s new Boeing plant and Gulfstream’s Savannah operations.

The enthusiasm of the students is evident in the quotes in the article and hopefully that energy will carry forward to more education and careers in the aviation industry. This case study will create interest in this curriculum at other secondary schools.

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