Sarah MacLeod earns much deserved Aviation Week Award

Sarah at podium
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Aviation Week Network recognized Sarah MacLeod

Lifetime Achievement Award for MRO

Recognized as THE EXPERT in all things FAA MX

In an industry which is growing in its woman population, it is more than appropriate for  Sarah MacLeod  to be recognized for Lifetime Achievement Award for MRO by Aviation Week Network. Sarah is recognized by her private industry peers and somewhat slowly by the FAA staff as THE expert on MRO in all aspects.

Sarah knows:

FAR Part 145,

Part 65







Legal Interpretations,




the NTSB appeal process,

the Administrative Procedure Act

and on

and on—as they pertain to Repair Stations.

Sarah modestly said in receiving the award:

 “It is daunting to be presented such an honor just when the international aviation maintenance industry and the association founded to support it are finally coming into their own…We have more to achieve before my time in aviation is over.”

To which Ms. Shay replied”

“You’re an unsung hero and you’ve been a huge advocate for the industry.”

Sarah’s skills as an able advocate are well evidenced in this 2010 interview on PBS (click for full transcript). Here is an excerpt:

“You can’t fly an unairworthy aircraft, so part of your business is obviously to keep airworthy aircraft…But if I can have you do it more efficiently, it’s kind of foolish for me not to.”

sarah on pbs

A4A And Aviation Week Present 2020 MRO Awards

Lee Ann Shay Av Week editorLee Ann Shay chief editor of Aviation Week presented its Lifetime Achievement Award in MRO to Sarah MacLeod, executive director of the Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA). She has been instrumental in shaping the MRO industry—including founding the Aeronautical Repair Station Association and serving on countless FAA Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committees to represent repair stations. In presenting the award, Aviation Week’s Lee Ann Shay noted that MacLeod has been “one of the chief advocates for Part 145 repair stations—and [is] recognized as an expert on regulations—and interpreting rules.





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