Russia’s unwanted Red Flag at ICAO!!!

41st Assembly with flags
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ICAO Assembly meets every 3rd year and its agenda is full of critical aviation issues

The Russian Federation has been red flagged for substandard actions

Ministry of Transport disagrees and blames Bermuda/Ireland plus takes “remedial” [?] steps

 Rosaviatsia has had regulatory and surveillance issues for years


The 41st Triennial ICAO Assembly is scheduled to be held at the organization’s Montreal headquarters starting September 27, 2022.. Draft schedule, council annual reports, memoranda from the Secretariat’s five major offices and statements from the delegates and thousands of other documents are distributed.

As shown in the above ersatz picture of a past delegation, the Russian Federation representative is always seated alphabetically in the rear of the room. At this critical aviation safety conference, the desk will include a figurative red flag. The below article explains why the world’s 7th largest passenger market and 7th largest civil aircraft fleet has been called out for safety standards below the USOAP mean.

The Russian Transport Ministry (see below) argues that its equivalent of the FAA has assumed the responsibility for the airworthiness of these dual-registered commercial airliners. Speaking in Putin-speak, the press release points to Bermuda and Ireland for creating the problem.

Let the debate begin, but Rosaviatsia’s level of competence has been questioned well before the invasion of the Ukraine:


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IAC on Rostavia

The  draft Assembly working paper submitting by the Council on the subject includes this unusually strong language (for the usually reserved diplomatic etiquette):

2. Deplores that, in disregard of the concerns and condemnations expressed by the ICAO Council, the Russian Federation has continued these infractions of Articles 1, 18, 19, 29 and 31 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation;

3Condemns the Russian Federation for the violation of the sovereignty of the airspace of Ukraine and the dual registration of aircraft by the Russian Federation and, in turn, permitting the operation of those aircraft without valid certificates of airworthiness, amounting to infractions of the Convention on International Civil Aviation and seriously threatening the safety and security of international civil aviation


It’s not just the dual-registration, Rosaviatsia has had issues for years!!! ICAO do the right thing!!!


ICAO A41 logo







Russia included in ICAO’s latest list of states with flight safety problems

BAKU, Azerbaijan, September 17. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the UN’s specialized agency, has red-flagged Russia over flight safety problems, Trend reports citing ICAO.

Along with Russia, ICAO’s latest audited list of states include Bhutan and Eritrea. ICAO USOAP red flag

Last summer, the ICAO pointed out Russia’s aviation safety problems due to the dual registration of aircraft in Russian and Bermuda. At that time, the organization demanded Russia solve the issue until September 14 or face being declared a country with significant flight safety problems.


article heading


The press service of the Russian Transport Ministry reported on Saturday (17), in response to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) warning about the threat to the safety of flights on the aircraft of Russian airlines that the country is still adhering to international standards.

“The safety of flights on the aircraft of Russian airlines is guaranteed at a high level and meets all international standards. Thus, the information of ICAO, which issued a «warning about the threat to the safety of flights of Russian airlines», does not correspond to the real state of affairs,” the report said.

 RosaviatsiaAs noted in the Transport Ministry, ICAO’s doubts about flight safety arose as a result of the so-called “double” registration of aircraft. At the same time, maintenance and control over the airworthiness of re-registered aircraft continue to be carried out under the leadership of the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) in accordance with world aviation rules, the ministry added.

According to the Transport Ministry’s press service, at the opening of the ICAO Assembly on September 27, the Russian side will convey to its colleagues the position that the unilateral decisions of several countries to close their airspace to Russian carriers and suspend airworthiness certificates are purely political in nature.

“In addition, ICAO is currently considering a complaint by the Russian Federation against the aeronautical authorities of Bermuda and Ireland, which are responsible forBermuda's civil assault on Russia the so-called ‘double’ registration of aircraft,” the message adds.

As per our media partner Aeroin, soon after the invasion of Ukraine and introduction of Western sanctions, Russia launched an accelerated procedure of re-registration of foreign aircraft to the Russian registry. This action came against the backdrop of the decision by the aeronautical authorities in Bermuda and Ireland (where most of the Russian airlines’ aircraft were registered) to revoke the certificates of airworthiness of foreign-made aircraft used by Russian carriers.

 Nedeadkorussia isolation

This decision was made allegedly due to the inability of the authorities in these countries to verify the safety of the aircraft. According to the Russian Federation, such a move by the aeronautical authorities of Bermuda and Ireland was “the actual denial of these authorities of control over aircraft and responsibility for compliance with the relevant provisions of the Chicago Convention.”


lessors return

lessor text


Russia delays MC-21 again, deliveries to start in 2025

Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) delayed the deliveries of the Irkut MC-21, the country’s newest airliner, to 2025. 

The delay was announced by Deputy prime minister Denis Manturov during a discussion at Eastern Economic Forum, Russian state news agency TASS reports

The aircraft will be “fully Russified”, Manturov reportedly added, hinting at full replacement of foreign-made components. 

This is the last in a series of delays for the troubled aircraft, envisioned by UAC as a competitor to the likes of the Boeing 737 MAX and the Airbus A320neo.

Endless delays 

The Russian airliner was originally designed in the 2000s as the Yakovlev Yak-242. In 2007, the aircraft was renamed MC-21 and the planned service entry date was set for 2016.

It conducted its maiden flight in 2017 and the first delivery was then re-scheduled for 2020. However, delays with certification meant that the deadline could not be met, and it slipped to 2021.  

In December 2021, it was announced that the first delivery was now planned for September 2022. At the same time, Aeroflot’s subsidiary Rossiya was announced to be the launch customer.  

In February 2022, Russia started its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in response to which many Western countries and companies imposed heavy sanctions. Unable to get its hands on Western equipment, particularly aircraft engines, the UAC announced that the aircraft would be only delivered with the domestically-made PD-14 engine.

Despite the government speeding up the program and pouring additional finances into it, by the summer of 2022 UAC started saying that the deliveries would start in 2024. 

The latest delay, voiced by Manturov, likely means further difficulties with the aircraft’s troubled development. 

Problems with import substitution 

Just like the Sukhoi Superjet, also known as the SSJ-100, the MC-21 was originally designed to contain many high-tech components that had to be acquired from leading Western aerospace manufacturers. 

Various reasons, such as sanctions following Vladimir Putin’s 2014 occupation of Crimea and attempts to sell the aircraft to sanctioned countries such as Iran, prompted Russia to initiate a large-scale import substitution program, replacing Western parts with domestically manufactured ones. putin on the wall



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