Russian Airport Security Experts & Egypt: a good fit?

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Russia & Egypt?

Model AK-47’s For Sale in Moscow’s Airport &
Russia Inspects Egypt’s Airport Security

Intuition or common sense frequently screams that “these things don’t go together” like drinking and driving or toddlers and matches. The below two stories pose the hypothesis that maybe this sort of judgment is not so pervasive among countries.

The first is a story about the Russian governmental security review of a new store at Sheremetyevo International Airport. Management is always excited about the prospect of new revenue, particularly the sale of merchandise which will attract/increase the spending of tourists.

The addition of this new retailer at SVO drew the following comment by Vladimir Dmitriyev:

Kalashnikov is one of the most popular brands that come to mind for most people in the world when they hear about Russia…So, we are pleased to provide the opportunity for everyone to take away from Russia a souvenir with our company brand.”

Maybe you think that this boutique is the Gucci of Moscow; no, Kalashnikov makes the designer AK-47 assault rifle. It is the arm of choice for the Soviet Union’s armies. The inexpensive semi-automatic and fully automatic gun is known for its reliability in adverse conditions. Nike has Michael Jordan for its brand identity; the AK-47 is best known by its guerrilla and terrorist customers.

As the article notes, there should be no worries:

An airport official attempted to assuage the obvious concerns associated with an initiative like this, telling Reuters the full-scale model guns would be obviously just that, not to be confused with real ones.

russian airport security experts

The Model Gun                                                                      The Real Gun

One assumes that when a passenger pulls his replica out of his carton, the flight attendant will not panic on seeing what is meant to look like the real weapon.

russian airport security experts

More comfort from the Russian’s spokesperson:

“The situation is being monitored by our aviation security service,” she added. “Should security problems arise from the selection of their merchandise, the airport may discuss with Kalashnikov changing what is available to customers.”

The plain English version sounds like this: “After the first hijacking, we may consider requiring that the replica looks less authentic.” Like, the “toy” includes a “not a real gun” label on it?

Those same Russian security governmental wizards were sent to Egypt to improve its security at that nation’s airport.

“In the framework of cooperation between Russia and Egypt to ensure the security of airports, on Sunday, a delegation of experts from Russia will arrive in Egypt to hold meetings with officials of the country’s civil aviation ministry, as well as to inspect security measures implemented at airports in Sharm el-Sheikh.”

Russian expertsrussian airport security experts inspected airport security in the city of Hurghada on Tuesday. In the aftermath of the crash of the Kogalymavia, also known as Metrojet in October 2015, the team will determine whether direct flights between Egypt and Russia will be resumed. The Russian security diplomatic group included one of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s assistants and other officials.

TRAVELER WARNING: DO NOT BOOK A Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg flight soon.


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