Ronin, the Shepard, Hide-and-Seek at Logan ended by 8 eight year old boy

Logan Field
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Escaped dog captured at Logan International Airport after 3 hour pursuit

Dog after Transcontinental Flight BOLTS

Hide-and-Seek was Ronin’s Game

Airport, City, State Police and Harbor can’t get him– 8 year old figures out

Logan International Airport, The General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, a/k/a Logan International Airport, a/k/a BOS, is located in Boston, MA It covers 2,384 acres, has six runways and four passenger terminals, and employs an estimated 16,000 people.

A perfect site for a hide-and-seek game between the BOS staff and a 2 1/2 year old German Shepard puppy named Ronin. Obviously, the California


dog was displeased that his new owner, Nick Kaneiff, had flown him on a “lousy” redeye flight and “worse” seating, below coach (literally in a kennel). When the Shepard was released from his container, he bolted. About 8.20am. State Police Lieutenant Nunzio Orlando alerted Troop F headquarters that the pup had been spotted in shallow water near Jeffries and Marginal Streets.

street view

After hours cooped in the belly of the airplane, Ronin was ready for some play. As the team of Keneiff, his 8-year-old son, James, State Police, Boston police and Massport Fire Rescue approached the pup, he enjoyed the chase.

‘When it got to the point where the water was over his head and he had to swim, he would return toward the shore, and this went on for more than 2-and-a-half hours. It was like cat and mouse… er, cat and dog… or something.’

Police finally surrounded him on a rocky shore once he began to run out of steam. Trooper Randall Enos of the K-9 unit knelt down and held out the ball in his hand. The pup wanted nothing to do with the ball, or the squeaky toy he tried next.


Then Kanieff’s son reached into a take-out box that was full of bacon and sausage, holding the meat out in his hand. Ronin finally started to approach the boy and took a nibble on the treat. While they had the pup’s attention, his owner ran to get the large blue pet carrier. His son put the food inside, and his son called out to the dog again.

At this point, about a dozen people were gathered to watch the rebel pup get collared. Ronin sniffed his way into the carrier and walked inside, and James shut the door, and the crowd broke out in applause.

Enos said it’s not uncommon for dogs to get loose at Logan, and it happens every couple months. If there’s the opportunity, ‘they bolt,’ he said.

Maybe if the flight included a meal or even snacks, Ronin might not have bolted?






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