Revenue Diversion is not a deep, dark secret among airport professionals

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KC council miffed it learned of FAA rejection of KCI revenue for programs from media

Revenue Diversion Prohibition is part of the Grant signed by the sponsor

Airport Professionals should have flagged months ago

The transfer of revenues generated on airport for non-airport purposes is

  • prohibited by statute- • 49 U.S.C. § § 47107(b)(1), 47133
  • explicitly prohibited by the contract which the MCI sponsor signed–Grant Assurance # 25

·        is carefully defined prohibition in POLICY AND PROCEDURES CONCERNING THE USE OF AIRPORT REVENUE, 64 FR 7694

·        is defined with even greater specificity in FAA Airport Compliance Manual — Order 5190.6B

·        was the subject of 16 Office of Inspector General Report


·        has been the subject of numerous airport professional articles and of many airport association meetings


That is to say that someone in Kansas City should have told the Council months ago that the payment of MCI revenues was prohibited. Whether the press informed them is not the real issue. They accepted a proposal which at best was iffy!!!



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