Aviation’s most historic aircraft is being retiredYOUR MEMORIES?

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The story of the birth of the B-747, truth, myth and propaganda, is well chronicled. There are books, scholarly articles, magazine hype and the like which compile the legend. The urban legend of Juan Trippe’s pushing the engineers at Boeing and P&W is most compelling. The first commercial twin deck aircraft, twin aisles and the upstairs lounge are all facts. The anger of Toulouse at a “subsidized” development of the B-747 driving the European manufacturer to build, 40 years later, its a-380 may or may not be true.

The Business Insider article is a photographic exhibit of this grand plane throughout its career. The author adds some commentary about the 4 engine jet; engine technology made it obsolete.

historic plane retired

It would be great to collect the recollections of those aviation safety professionals about interesting moments with the B-747—important safety lessons, enjoyable moments in this luxurious aircraft, mechanical crises which were fixed, challenges which were faced, special events aboard (inaugurals, meeting your future spouse, captain marrying passengers, meeting a VIP, etc.) and those humorous incidents. The compendium of such tales will keep the B-747 alive in our memories.


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