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ARTICLE: Eclipse Rolls Out Two New Jets


This visionary aircraft, which has experienced commercial climbs and descents, is back into full production due to the best efforts of the new management. Congratulations!! The innovative design, incredible integration of systems and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques open the range of operations available for both the original Eclipse 500 and the more sophisticated Eclipse 550 (pictured above).

For owner/operators, these two planes provide unparalleled sophistication and economical operation for pure Part 91 flights. The two Eclipse birds also pose challenges for a pilot, whose primary profession is other than flight; these aircraft are high performance, sophisticated vehicles. Those characteristics will test the ability of the owner to keep up with his/her aircraft in both technological and skill dimensions.

One of the early proposed uses for the Eclipse platform was to utilize them in Part 135 operations. Their size and economic performance created a new type of service – a luxury air taxi. The concept was to station the Eclipse airplanes strategically around the country and through such distribution would be able to produce on-demand service at rates comparable to scheduled first class travel.

The challenges of obtaining a Part 135 or Part 121 ticket with a new airplane are most demanding. Writing manuals, defining Ops Specs, meeting the FAA’s requirements as to personnel and the range of rules which must be met will tax the exceptional entrepreneur. The hurdles established by the regulator will consume considerable capital, time and patience; so much so that more than a few startups never attained the FAA approval.

In recognition of this frustration, the authorizing entity has created a class of advisers who have been found to be competent in helping the applicants obtain the Part 121 ticket. JDA is one of only a select number of FAA-recognized Qualified Part 121 Certification Consultants and our CertAssure™ and SafeAssure™ are ready to help you through the daunting Part 135 certification task

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