POTPOURRI of COVID-19 Impact on Aviation 04.17.2020

corona virus in aviation world
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This is the fourth Potpourri edition. This information resource is intended to capture some of the articles about the coronavirus impact on aviation. Not the high profile battles over the grants/loans under CARES, but stories of how the aviation safety personnel are dealing with this epidemic. The articles have four categories- airlines, airports, Business/General Aviation, manufacturers and the all encompassing “et cetera”. 


potpourri and airplane

Allegiant Bleeding $2 Million a Day Because of Pandemic

American Airlines Couldn’t Find Face Masks for its DFW Airport Workers so They Started Making their Own

FAA Issues New Cargo Transportation Guidance

The FAA has issued a Safety Alert for Operators (SAFO) (PDF) that provides information and recommendations for airlines to evaluate regulatory implications and safety risks when transporting only cargo inside the passenger cabin of an airplane. A picture containing indoor, photo, different, table

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how to store cargo and not

Cargo Fail: How not to convert your pax aircraft

Airlines Given Rules on How to Replace Passengers With Cargo

U.S. Pilots, Flight Attendants Fear Coronavirus on the Job

100 American Airlines Flight Attendants Have Been Diagnosed with COVID-19, Union Says

Flight Attendants Gain Social Distance by Leaving the Jump Seats

What happens when pilots don’t get their flying hours?


Packed Qantas flight sparks outrage for ignoring social distancing

This luxurious Boeing 777 private jet normally costs $50,000 per hour but is flying medical cargo in the COVID-19 airlift. Take a look inside Crystal Cruises’ flying palace.

Two chief Turkish Airlines pilots die from COVID-19




corona virus warning at airport

ACC Survey Identifies Initial Impacts from COVID-19 on Airport Development Projects

Airline passengers undergo Covid-19 blood tests before boarding

blood tests at Abudabi A

COVID-19 Status Updates at SEA Airport

‘Mostly empty’: Covid-19 has nearly shut down world’s busiest airport

Couple stopped at airport over COVID-19 suspicions

AAAE Pandemic Planning Resources




loading medical supplies into GA plane


French police turn away ‘rich’ private jet passengers escaping U.K. coronavirus lockdown

COVID-19 Reinforces the Need for Catering Best Practices

NATA Coronavirus Resource Page 






airbus and boeing

Boeing To Restart Production; Stock Jumps 7%

Covid-19: Airbus pauses Spanish production in line with royal decree

Boeing Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Airbus secures new face mask supplies to support Europe’s fight against COVID-19

PPE made by Airbus and Boeing

Boeing ships out its first batch of face shields to protect COVID-19 medical teams

Boeing to Gradually Resume Production of Commercial Aircraft

Boeing customers cancel staggering 150 Max plane orders, deepening crisis as coronavirus roils air travel




et cetera


Fueling Care During Crisis– Avfuel Offers Free FAA- Approved Training During COVID-19 Pandemic

When Class Can’t Go Online: Inside A Top Trade School’s Coronavirus Response

Global Air Charter Specialist Chapman Freeborn Helps Repatriate 10,000

Covid-19 having ‘severe impact’ on revenues of Irish Aviation Authority

Why older means new business for VD Gulf


world infected with COVID-19





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