People’s Republic of China plans a General Aviation Capitol

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China covers 3.5 million square miles with only 182 commercial airports. Its burgeoning economy is not supported by a transportation system which is required to support that growth. Under its socialistic government form, it relies on central planning to deal with such needs (i.e. 82 airports are being constructed there now). The above picture and the below article describe Superior Aviation Town a proposed public/private partnership which will create the infrastructure to accelerate China’s General Aviation growth.

With such a geographical spread and an underwhelming commercial aviation offering for the immediate future, General Aviation becomes a means to connect the disparate points which hold so much development potential. Rather than rely on foreign sources, Superior Aviation Town is meant to be a domestic catalyst for this sector. With 1,236 acres, Superior Freesky Investment Management Co. Ltd., and the Shunyi district’s government will attempt to attract

· A 7,000’ GA airport with first rate FBO facilities

· a general aviation aircraft and component manufacturing center,

· a general aviation Exhibition Center,

· a duty-free bonded area,

· an Aero Club, and

· upscale living facilities.

It might be a good idea to include some research facilities and an academic institution to advance the aeronautical engineering and science as well as manufacturing techniques.

It’s sort of instant Wichita? Will such planned city find the risk capital to meet its vision?

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