PBN as a new Aviation Artform

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Actually a clever way to retire a B-747

El Al flew the B-747 in a pattern to draw the aircraft outline in sky

The precision needed to follow the outline was exceptional

No the PBN on the cover and in the headline is not Painting by Numbers but rather Performance Based Navigation (PBN). As you will read below an El Al B-747 flew a very precise complex flight pattern above the Mediterranean. One might suppose that the cockpit crew used their PBN to draw the B-747 outline in the sky.






[In aviation terms, as you probably know, is an advanced, satellite-enabled form of air navigation that creates precise 3-D flight paths. Those tracks are fixed over specific routes needing accurate patterns. PBN is a nice double entrendre but not a system used by El Al.]

Pilot draws picture of Boeing 747 in sky on plane’s last flight


A pilot flying a Boeing 747 on its final journey has marked the occasion by drawing a portrait of the aircraft in the sky.

The flight from Rome to Tel Aviv marked the final journey by the aircraft for El Al after 48 years of service with the Israeli airline.

When it reached the sky over the Mediterranean south-west of Cyprus, the pilot took the 747 on a weaving flight path to create an outline of the jumbo jet.












[LINK to see the flight draw the silhouette ]






The unique drawing was tracked on the plane’s GPS system, with website Flightradar24 mapping the flight – which descended to 10,000ft (3,000m) to create the artwork.

Flight LY1747 began making the image two hours after take-off from Rome at 10am on Sunday, flying a little less than four hours before landing at its destination in the Israeli city.





(Screen grab/Flightradar24/PA)

The Boeing 747 has been nicknamed the Queen of the Skies since its maiden flight on February 9 in 1969.

Many airlines are now replacing the model with more advanced and efficient planes, with El Al opting for a new fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners.










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