Oh to be in Oshkosh, the US mecca for GA Aviation Safety!

Oh to be in Oshkosh, the US mecca for GA Aviation Safety!
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Oshkosh & GA Aviation Safety

oshkosh ga aviation safetyEvery year roughly 500,000 people travel to Oshkosh, WI for a week where 2,268 awesome aircraft exhibits are shown (warbirds, vintage, homebuilt, ultralights, light sport aircraft, aerobatics, drones)[with visiting planes, there are 10,000 birds on the ground]. The events which highlight each daily session are the air shows with the SnowBirds, Mars Martin and other spectacular flying demonstrations. As one veteran visitor once noted, the greatest risk in attending is “death by sensory overload.” But the real point of this exceptional gathering of Eagles is improving GA aviation safety.

Aside from the crowd pleasing “oh’s and ah’s” moments this week in beautiful Wisconsin, there are many hours of the transfer of important safety information. Chairman Hart, an annual contributorFAA Administrator Huerta and Senator Inhofe headline the presentations.

[Oh to be there woshkosh ga aviation safetyhen the Administrator speaks to be able to ask him whether EAA will be charged again for the OSH ATC staffing?]

[Oh to be there when Senator Inhofe speaks to be able to ask him how frustrated he may be in that the FAA has virtually terminated its ENFORCEMENT program, thus making his PBOR almost unneeded? See John Duncan’s presentation below.]

The FAA, according to the EAA website, will have 100 staffers, 21 divisions and departments represented. Additionally, there are forums presented daily and hosted by flight and aircraft specialists from across the country. Two leading experts will be featured:

  • John Duncan, the FAA Director of Flight Standards and toshkosh ga aviation safetyhe EAA Legal Advisory Council will participate in a panel discussion of the new Compliance Philosophy. This forum will comply with continuing education requirements in most states. Although this will be geared toward lawyers, all are welcome.
  • Doctors from the Mayo Clinic and FAA will discuss frequently seen Medical Conditions such as Coronary Artery Disease, Atrial Fibrillation, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Asthma, Prostate/other Cancers, and how these are managed by your AME and the FAA.

[Oh to be there when Mr. Duncan talks and to be able to ask why/how does the new compliance philosophy apply when there is no SMS applicable to GA?]

Last year 1,048 sessions were attended by more than 75,000 people. That’s a lot of important, valuable safety education.

Attracting that many people to a rural airport is a function of history, leadership and tremendous aerial shows, but behind all of that flash is the substance of aviation safety.


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