OSHA’s jurisdiction over Aircraft Worker Safety began; duplication of regulation?

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As of August 26, 2014, as noted in the below link, the workplace defined by an aircraft, while it is operating, is now regulated by two federal safety agencies, the FAA and now OSHA. This duplication of oversight is the result of an historic agreement between the two organizations. It will be most interesting to follow the new OSHA pronouncements.

The initial, repeat initial (the agreement allows for future additions), OSHA jurisdiction includes hazard communication, bloodborne pathogen and hearing conservation standards. As noted in the prior blog, the potential for differing, conflicting and confusing standards being issued by the two federal regulators.

The MoU between OSHA and FAA is ambiguous; so what the occupational safety regulator attempts to control and whether/how the aviation safety agency responds will cover new regulatory turf.

The linked article from the National Law Journal includes an excellent technical review of standards, procedures and processes.

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