OIG issues its list of 2015 projects; many FAA matters to be scrutinized

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Below is a report sent by Department of Transportation to the Congress. Its basic purpose is to recount the investigations conducted, but it also announces its agenda for 2015.

On October 12, 1978, almost concurrent with the passage of the Airline Deregulation Act, Congress created an oversight function for the FAA and other modal administrations of the DoT. The Inspector General (IG) Act established twelve Federal Offices of Inspector General (OIG), including the DoT OIG. The function is primarily to provide the legislators, the public and the Secretary with insights into what and how well the Department and all of its organizations are doing.

Here is the DoT IG list of the significant investigations in progress and for the near future (p.66-72) (comments on some):

· Oversight of the European Union Repair Stations: unions have waged a war against foreign repair stations based on their view that these “low wage” workers are not as safe. The FAA does not have the personnel to surveil these facilities around the globe, Recognizing that the EU’s standards are comparable to the US’ and that Europe has a quality culture, the FAA established a reciprocal agreement with EASA in which each organization would take responsibility to inspect the Part 145 certificates within its boundaries. If the OIG finds fault here, it will be very difficult to review these key facilities.

· Oversight of Hazardous Material Voluntary Disclosures

· FAA Organizational Structure from a procurement perspective

· EMS and Fire-an-Rescue Operations Safety


· PBN—the recent OIG report on NextGen already suggested problems here

· NextGen Advisory Committee recommendations and FAA response

· Oversight of Flight Deck Automation and Pilot Performance

· Pilot Records Data Base: this “tool” was driven by the Colgan Air 3407

· FAA Data Communications

· NextGen’s Transformational Programs

· NextGen’s Long Term Planning

· Type Ratings and Inspector Training

· FAA’s FSSs

· Air Traffic Control Tower Productivity—this should be interesting since the OIG found that the Contract Tower staffs are very productive

· The ADS-B Contract

That’s a very fulsome statement of work. The results are likely to be topical.

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