NTSB issues a Press Release involving Airworthiness Directive Issues

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ARTICLE: NTSB says damage to Dreamliner in fire ‘severe’


In a time when the Congress is looking for ways to reduce the federal budget, the label “redundancy” might attract the attention of new Chairman Shuster. When the JAL B-787 incurred a fire (is that an accident or incident?), teams from the FAA and NTSB traveled to Boston’s Logan Field.

The FAA team had in their regulatory toolbox an AD ticket book and/or a draft order with regard to the underlying manufacturing processes that may have been at fault. Did its investigators get first access to assess the limited space where the fire took place?

The NTSB obviously issued a press release. It has no AD authority nor can its staff order the manufacturer to take any remedial action. Recently, the NTSB gained access to an FAA database that has nothing to do with accidents or incidents and later it explained why being able to review that massive database was relevant to its mission.

It will be interesting to see what action the FAA and/or the NTSB takes after their visit to Boston. Chairman Shuster might be tempted to see if there was any redundancy there.

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