New Cessna CJ3+ goes from concept to FAA certification in 6 months

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It is great when a new aircraft enters the marketplace, particularly when it is a beautiful, high technology and efficient aircraft; for that means new options for buyers, new jobs and safer transportation. It also is outstanding when the PR department gets it right; the FAA certificates, not certifies, aircraft—an important distinction. (one connotes meeting specific standards, the other has broader less precise implication).

The CJ3+ offers a whole host of new technology, preparing it for the future operations under NextGen. Here is some of its awesome suite of equipment:

· an integrated avionics suite from Garmin, the G3000:

o turbulence detecting weather radar,


o advanced Terrain Awareness Warning Systems (TAWS), and

o automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B)

· an automatically controlled cabin pressurization system, and an advanced fault and maintenance diagnostic system.

· a wireless media server,

· cabin Iridium phone, and

· high speed internet capabilities.

Equally exciting is the CJ3+’s operational parameters, it can fly 2,070 nautical miles. To put that in context this bird can nonstop from Washington, D.C., to Mexico City; from London to Moscow; from Shanghai to Bangkok; or from Lima to São Paulo.

It is certificated to be flown by a single pilot.

The most significant point of this press release is the following quote:

Certification, awarded Thursday, comes less than six months after the company introduced the new model in March.

That’s quite a commendation of the Cessna and the FAA.

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