Need a little lift on Hump Day ?

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 Southwest Employees have fun


Kyran Ashford

Kyran Ashford


Exuberant Dancing Airport Employee Will Instantly Make Your Day More Enjoyable



Southwest’s work environment, by Herb Kelleher’s design, is relaxed and fun-loving. Clearly, that culture is conducive to great customer service, but remarkably the informality leads to safety actions that matter, i.e. the SWA flight attendants are legendary for their humorous, but MEMORABLE preflight departure announcements. Most frequent fliers put the mute button on for the Nth safety review they have heard in the last week’s flights, but when the talented F/As of Southwest performs” their list of important information—they listen.

SWA F/A preflight safety announcement




It may be fair to assume that the drivers of these aircraft, particularly during the repetitive process of bringing a plane to its gate, may be bored, too. Not so at the Greater Rochester International Airport where Kyran Ashford  rocks the tarmac.


Here’s his tarmac routine and the Time magazine story:

Sitting on the tarmac in a plane waiting for departure can be an exercise in patience. But for some passengers who snag a window sweat on Southwest flights exiting Greater Rochester International Airport in New York, there’s a whole new sideshow to help add some joy to the experience of taking to the friendly skies.

Southwest employee Kyran Ashford is the exuberant dancing sensation bringing light and life to the tarmac of the upstate airport, captured in a now-viral Facebook video by passenger country music artist Terry McBride and posted over the weekend to social media.

Decked in his highlighter-yellow vest and wielding traffic control sticks, Ashford gives a veritable masterclass in dancing-while-working. Channing Tatum, watch out; he’s got moves for days (miles?). From sharp marching to an effective side shuffle and something that approaches the sprinkler, it only makes sense that he gets the attention of passengers. He even knows to take a bow at the end of his pre-flight show.

His goal, according to ABC News, is to give at least one passenger “30 seconds of positive vibes.”


Kyran also participated in a dance off with the Penfield High School Dance Team. Perhaps his real interest is in making the passengers’ trip more enjoyable.

Kyran Ashford and the the Penfield High School Dance Team.

Kyran Ashford and the the Penfield High School Dance Team.



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