NBAA’s HEROes are ready for Hurricane Dorian

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NBAA Activates Emergency Response Database

“After Hurricane Dorian pummeled the Bahamas and threatens the East Coast of the U.S., NBAA has activated its Humanitarian Emergency Response Operator (HERO) program. It consists of a database of business aircraft operators who are part of disaster-response mobilization efforts, ready to assist with the transport of emergency supplies and other needs as the storm passes.


The NBAA site includes up-to-the-minute information on the weather, status of Bahamian and US airports, operational navigation equipment, air routes which are confirmed as open and a very useful set of information links..

Basic information from the database is provided to the organizations that are coordinating relief efforts, as business aircraft are uniquely suited to providing a first response to natural disasters and other emergencies, due to their innate ability to operate on short notice, into outlying airports with small runways, and sometimes unpaved airstrips or even onto roads, reaching places that airliners and at times even land vehicles can’t. Some charter operators that operate regularly to the Bahamas are already waiting for clearance to take off with loads of humanitarian supplies.

For aircraft operators in the region looking to relocate ahead of the storm, Provo Jet Center on Turks and Caicos announced it has waived its parking fees for up to five nights with no minimum fuel uplift until the all-clear is given in Florida and other affected states. It has also partnered with a local hotel to offer special accommodation rates.

The flights to the Grand Bahama International Airport may not operate soon for the hurricane surge flooded it. The islands, however, have over 60 airports, many of which are small enough that commercial aircraft would not be able to land.




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