HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NBAA! leveraging the interests of its Members for 70 years

nbaa 70 years
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Happy Birthday, NBAA!

70 Years of Promoting and Protecting Business Aviation

A trade association can provide great value to its Members by offering services which respond to their needs. For example, individual owners of business aircraft cannot assign someone to monitor the ATC system or interact with the FAA on evolving safety matters. NBAA epitomizes such leverage and gives great value to its members.

For 70 years, this organization has both listened and responded to safety concerns identified by FAA staffers. By so doing the professional NBAA creates opportunities to address technical issues quickly and with practical solutions. With such knowledge of the agency personnel responsible for such issues, business aviation gains proactive proposals rather than poorly constructed reactive fixes.nbaa 70 years

faa atc system command centerThe FAA ATC System Command Center monitors weather, congestion and other factors which are likely to result in delays. NBAA has a chair at this facility and from that view of the ATC nervous system instructs participating members about major disruptions before they become a problem. Unlike the airlines, business aviation can and does respond to irregular circumstances and thus minimizes BA’s contributions to ATC problems.

nbaa bolenBusiness Aviation is not well understood by Congress, in part because others frequently misrepresent this class of user’s operations. NBAA excels at bringing its message to Senators, Representatives and Members of the Administration. Facing the A4A battalion of Hill operatives, Mr. Bolen and his team have proved adept at foiling these assaults.

Finally, this association produces the largest, purely civilian aviation show which attracts thousands involved in BA to its exhibit hall. Planes are compared in person, equipment bought, safety information well disseminated and industry briefings on taxes, environment, professional practices arm the attendees with vital information.

nbaa 70 years



NBAA: Celebrating 70 Years of Promoting, Protecting Business Aviation
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